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Here I go again… I ran.. I hid… I tried to escape… I tried camouflage too. I told him I am too boring. But alas… Lo and behold… Unexpectedly he nominated me.. You ask: so many have nominated me, why haven’t I done those awards… Hmmm… Hmmm yet more hmmm… I have no answer… 

Maybe because he asked me so sweetly, and he sounded genuinely interested in my answers…. So I said, why not.. I plan to do this real fast..

Oh yeah, you ask me who is he?? He is Anindya, someone whom I have met in my recent turbulent times. He asked me a question on things I had faced on Facebook due to me being an Indian, and I didn’t realise that he listened with both with his ears and his heart. He really did, he was disturbed, and a post was born. Do check out his blog and his post.

Now on to this award…

Meaning of Liebster 

The word Liebster is derived from German meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, and the like. This award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. I’m thankful to Anindya for giving me this opportunity to motivate fellow bloggers, to encourage them to continue the good work, irrespective of the size of their audience.


  • Thank the person who has nominated you
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs, let them know about the nomination 
  • Ask them 11 questions

Anindya, did I thank you already?? Can you consider yourself thanked??  Oh, I am being funny… But thank you for the nomination.

Now the questions
Set 1 (why does this feel like an exam question paper? I am on the path of exam nightmares tonight) 

What inspired you to start blogging? 

Actually, nothing and nobody. I clicked on some link it took me to WordPress. WordPress decided I should be a part of it, very lovingly asked me to make an account, and become a part of it. And like a loyal disciple, I followed it blindly. By the time, I awoke from my haze, I had a blog site…. My o my, now I had to write a blog post. I wrote hello to myself and shut off my phone. Yes, you guessed it.. I didn’t have a laptop.. Didn’t have one for 5 years, till I bought it a few months ago. 

What is the best thing you love about your home city?

Oh..  what do I mention here, the traffic, the crowd, the population, the dirtiness, the bad roads, the floods, the useless Skywalk, the monorail.. Oh man, so many choices.. What do I choose… Oh Anindya, what a delightful question… 

But, in spite of all the above problems, I like the resilience of Mumbaites. We manage to find our happiness even in these day-to-day problems. 

What are the types of music you usually listen to? 

Old hindi songs, romantic ones with great lyrics of Kishore Kumar, R. D Burman and Asha Bhosale. I was brought up on these songs and I find myself turning to them in my periods of stress or happiness. 

Who will be my dream date on any day of the year? 

The answer would ideally be a King. But since Kings are a myth, then it would have to be Raj from the iconic hindi movie dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge

My dream date would be a man who treats me with love and respect (and the attraction between us is an inferno😉)  — still waiting for such a man. 

I thought the third option would be real, but this also is sounding more and more like a myth. Sighhhh! 

Kindle or hardcover/paperbacks? 

Anything, I am not fastidious about it. I have bought a kindle as it does not strain my eyes, I can increase the font. But I pretty much can read from anything: kindle, phone, real books. 

Set 2 questions

What’s your favorite colour and why? 

Dark Blue and shades of blue in summer and black in winter. Because my mirror tells me I look damn beautiful in blue and black. 

It’s too hot in Mumbai to wear black in hot humid summer. 

Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook for blogging, which is your most favorite? 

None, they are all virtual world. Nothing is real on the internet. There are fake profiles, fake people, and fake posts. Very rarely, very few are real and genuine. For blogging, I would prefer WordPress, as at least here, the posts require writing, so all bloggers are educated. I have had rotten experience on Facebook, no idea what Pinterest is, and I hardly tweet, I still find it confusing. 

I like the real world most days, with real people… 

Have you visited India? 

No, never. I believe I don’t have to visit India as I stay in Mumbai, India (sorry, Anindya, trying my hand in humour, is it working??) 

For those who have visited, and who have lived in India, favorite destination? 

Surprisingly, I like Mumbai where I live. But I would like to visit Munnar, Kerala. 

Can you ever think of leaving blogging?? 

Yes, I can. Blogging is nice, it is fun,  but it is not essential for me to survive. As a fellow blogger, Boss Luffy knows (he is so getting nominated now) I hardly write or share my personal thoughts. Only when emotions hit me, I pen down my words, and those posts remain in the draft category till I remember to publish them… 

Nothing is essential to me except my family and my loved ones… 

My turn to ask questions: fee fie fo  fum, let me go for some real one

  • Alfred Lord Tennyson says it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all – what do you believe and why? 
  • What’s your favorite song?? 
  • Whom would you marry/or be in a relationship with: someone whom you love but he/she doesn’t love you or someone who loves you but you don’t love him/her
  • What is your favorite past time/hobby in the real world  (and no, blogging cannot be your answer, internet is nonexistent for this answer) 
  • What’s your favorite comfort food? 
  • If you find true love outside your committed relationship, would you commit infidelity, emotional and/or physical?? 
  • What’s your favorite tipple/ drink? Alcoholic / non alcoholic
  • Do you say things just for the heck of saying things, or do you mean your words?? Answer honestly, as there are no judgements here. Real life is pretty tough and challenging. 
  • Which part of the globe are you from and what is the weather like at this moment? I would like to know the temperature in Celsius/ Fahrenheit too. 
  • What would be your favourite revenge if your partner has betrayed you or hurt you badly? You can go all out in your imagination with this. 
  • Long distance online relationship with one true love with no chance of meeting ever or a real physical relationship in real world but no true love – what would you prefer? And why? 
  • After answering all these questions honestly, would you like to be nominated by me for future awards with such well thought of questions?? This is an optional question… 

My nominations (the toughest part) 

And anyone who would like to answer my lovely, easy questions, consider yourself nominated, and ping me back with your links. 

Anindya, would you like to do this award again, with my set of questions??? 

Doing this award is a choice. My questions are pretty different, I know that, so no compulsion… Good luck.. 


    148 Responses

    1. What can I say more…:)….this is such a beautiful post Shalini straight from the heart, you show me how to write an award post with love, kindness and humor and so many things. Thank you for lovely encouraging words, and I am sure everyone you have nominated will share their award posts and make you proud……and of course I would love to engage myself with your questions, that will be so interesting..:)……once again a warm loving thank you to you for this wonderful post….:)

      1. Aah Anindya, this was a night show writing 12-3 am… Hahaha. I am glad it has come out well. I am glad I could do justice to your blog, to your posts and to your nominations. They were great questions too

    2. Congratulations Shalini. Love the way you’ve written this post and thank you for the nomination. Will answer all your questions😀honestly.

    3. Shalini, thank you for nominating me for this award! You are just too #sweet! I’ll write the post soon! Thank you again! 🙂
      Also, I just saw the section in the post which talks about you, I didn’t know you are a doctor! That is so cool! My older sister is one too! That’s soo cool, helping others get better! Pat on the back XD

      1. Thank you Doni… Just send a link back in the comments section once you do the award. Sometimes, I miss out on posts. Go all out on answers

        1. No worries, I’ll do that when I finish the post! Hahah that’s fine, sometimes when you put a link to someone’s blog it doesn’t turn up in their notifications somehow when it should so I understand no worries 😛

            1. Of course Shalini, Oh I didn’t mean it that way. Of course other people in different roles do great things for society too but I was talking about you specifically, not trying to compare anyone else if that makes sense. I wasn’t saying other roles are not doing anything 😛

            2. Hahaha darling girl. I know what you mean and I understand. You have a kind and beautiful heart. I can never doubt your words. True of heart, is always true of mind and true of words-that’s you

      1. Jay thank you one award in 5 months Is really a matter of congratulations… Did you check out my questions?? Are they tough or what?? Hahaha

            1. Send it and tell the universe please no more abusers verbal or otherwise. Just a great sexy intelligent independent guy. I don’t want to spend money paying for my date 😵

    4. Thanks for the nomination, Shalini! I enjoyed reading your answers and your questions as well. Very interesting. 🙂 It might take me a while to do it but I will sure try. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much. I am pathetic at doing awards. I keep on procrastinating them.
        Oh yes, Raj has always been my dream… Spent many decades dreaming about him… So let’s see if I ever get a chance to find Raj. I am supposed to write a post once I meet and go on a real date with him. Jab we met style… 😉😉

        1. Hahaha,
          I do hope you get your Raj. He has been in my dreams too, but neither have I been able to find him. I guess he is just hiding from ever other hopeless romantic like us. 😀

            1. Wo trains ke peeche kyun bhaag raha hai. Main toh ruki hoon sthir hoon. Sirf uske aani ki der hai. Men are duffers, running after train when woman on platform

            2. Oh I was hoping he would come to Mumbai by flight and then sing jaane jaan, dhoondta fir raha, hoon tumhein raat din main Yahan se wahan
              Mujhko awaz do, chup gaye ho kahan, main Yahan, tu kahan”

            3. Arey aise na bol. Itna idiot rahega toh simran bhi bhaag jayegi. Aaj ke zamane main who can tolerate idiots. Usko samjhate samjhate, simran sab bhool jayegi, fir kaise hoga – jee le apni zindagi

            4. I do that every day, my darling girl. Because Raj is taking forever, uske intezaar main, mujhe sirf wrong numbers mil rahe hain

            5. Hahaha honestly speaking, mujhe toh ab lag raha hai ki, zindagi shuru hone se pehle khatam hone wali hai, fir toh agle janam… Hehehe. Kitna intezaar is idiot ne, abhi tak aaya bhi nahi

            6. Two brains are better than 1 so let me know if you know of a better plan other than waiting or believing every man to be Raj

            7. Yes.. I do that too.. I suppose we should find happiness in work, in our nieces(I think you have 1 too) and in our general family..

            8. I don’t even remember to check Facebook or any other site. WordPress I see occasionally when I am free. Here I reply to everyone

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