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Scroll the post gently
With nary a tremor
Move past my page
With nary a shudder…
I can scarcely see
Hardly deep a breath be
My throat feels choked
My heart overly filled…
I cannot move mightily
My feet want to stay
My hands shake slightly
My eyes struggle to blink…
Not a moment to slip
Not a glance to close
Not a beat to miss
Not a feel to err…
Every second of every minute
Every nuance of every move
Every stroke of every word
Every line of the entire prose…
Stored in a safe place
Bottled well, held with care
A tender Touch, mind so sweet
Oh how dearly I know what I need…
Holding in my hands is my heart
Beating in it is my memory
Of the day that’s drawn to a close
Of a person who has come to choose…
Filled with colors glistening bright
Filled with love burning the night
As precious as the memory can be
A fear of slight gust can shatter it too…
Scroll the post gently
With nary a tremor
Move past my page
With nary a shudder…

97 Responses

  1. Wow, I think I have reread this five times now, (not even kidding) and I still can’t get enough of it: this is so incredibly beautiful: One word, which doesn’t even do it enough justice: WOW 😘❤️😊

    1. Oh Michel… Just something I was thinking about… How goes your day, boyo? Did you have fun? 🚿🚿🚿👖👖 Hey keypad suggests these… Hahaha 😂😂😂 I am guessing wear J. T pants and sleep? Or is it shower?
      On a serious note, I am happy that you like it… The words were stuck since morning.. I had 6 hours of waiting and I could think then 😜😜😂😂😂😂

      1. haha…just something you were thinking about huh?? 😂😂😂 Hihi…oh boy..not this again…well, how about both 😂😂😘❤️😂😂 Or would that be just too much? 😊😊😊
        I absolutely loved it: it was really beautiful.❤️ Haha..6 hours huh? Wow….well some things are worth the wait…..😊😊😘❤️😊😊😊

          1. Haha…well, they happened, but they were totally worth it right? And I can’t believe you wrote this in six hours…you have some mad skills 😊😘😊😊

  2. This is lovely darling!! 😍😍💖💖💖 You have a wonderful way with words! I love that I’m posting horrible drunken uncle speeches and you’re putting out this beautiful poem!! 💖 You’re amazing. 😍😊

  3. Another beautiful poem by the very talented Shalini! You got it, girl! Do a lot of your thoughts come to you at night? I have that problem. My best ideas come to me while I’m lying in bed trying to get my brain to shut down so I can sleep. (sigh) I wish I could write poetry, but sadly, I suck at it. I like reading yours, though. Always flows so smoothly. Well done! 🙂

    1. Hey Leslie, thank you so much. The emotions were there since morning but the words were stuck.. Then suddenly they became unstuck… So I could write. I don’t know how it works… I can’t write when I want to. I write when I feel too much when I have to write… Otherwise it leaves me feeling off… This is the only way I can describe it…

  4. There is a time when the heart is more sensitive than not. There is a time when the air itself is unstable. There is a time when it’s best not to go out, as so much of the environment feels as if it were about to explode.

          1. No, not at all sorry. I understand and appreciate honour your way as you are. Because the way a writer write he or she reflects consciousness!! This kind of writing is written very less but it touches your soul. It’s like a communication with your own extension in a perspective of writer .

          2. Wow… If you have such great ideas please write in English too.. This was great
            Thank you for such beautiful words of appreciation

          3. So nice of you.. 😊👍
            I have been writing like this way for years… Even now my nature is much like so… exploring new dimensions, writings poetry and articles… But they are much different aspects I wrote in short here. Very few can see and feel the essence of such consciousness awakening writings…
            I am very glad to know that you like it as I do…. Thank you…

      1. Awww thankoo😊😊
        Why rarely.. You’re an amazing writer.
        I think you need to write daily..
        Well I don’t know might be you’re busy..
        But believe me you’re amazing… ❤❤💕

          1. Yes.. From now on, no more feelings… I am tired of feeling.. Just realized tired is also a feeling. Please get your blog sorted, can’t follow you otherwise

    1. That’s so sweet of you. But I write very very rarely
      I am unable to follow you, as WordPress says you don’t exist. Kindly check

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