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Once upon a time, a learned man from the lands far, far away told me a simple thing

True love is the easiest path to follow

I replied

If you find true love, don’t ever let go

Living in this world, I soon saw that most people say a lot of things but don’t follow through. They are not their words. Words are used to just say, or fill the silence, without any commitment to those words. 

I may have also not kept up my words but I do plan to work hard to keep up my word, once given. It’s difficult not impossible.. 

The path is harder, but the satisfaction to self is higher. I want to live in dignity, I want to live in peace. And I do want me to be committed to my words. 

If we are not our word, then what are we??? 

You wonder what happened to the advice given by the learned man. Well, faced with trials and tribulations, harshness and realities of life… 

The path of true love was not easy but letting go was …

29 Responses

    1. Thank you so much… I am trying to get over my pain with dignity and I want to become a better human being. Thank you so much for your encouragement

  1. I read this yesterday, but I was having trouble leaving comments. I wanted to tell you that I was so grateful to read your lovely honest voice once more. I love it when you write from your heart. You have such a genuine goodness my sweet friend. I adore your kind heart. Never compromise what you want in this life to satisfy another. You are too important to make yourself small for the sake of another. I love you darling friend. ❤️ Joanna

    1. Thank you so much Jo. I am amazed at the fact that speaking occasionally, you could see my heart whereas the person I used to speak to everyday couldn’t see that. I was called names like selfish crazy mental and untrustworthy. I can’t be fake even if I wanted to be. My conscience does not allow that. I don’t stand for injustices in this world but I try my level best not to do injustice. But when it is done to me, the fires in my soul burns. I will never know why people deliberately hurt another person just to justify their reasons. Love does not give the freedom to hurt another deliberately. People don’t understand Jo, that when you hurt a woman so badly, the hurt comes back. I am trying really hard not to allow vengeance to coat my soul, but I want justice. I live by my words and I try really hard, I am known at work for that. Once a word is given it means something. My only fault is that I don’t give up on love or relationship, I believe in life, everything can be saved and for trying to save, I paid a heavy price for it. I will become ok Jo, but I am sad that the person I loved would go through the same hurt. And I can’t save this person from his fate… Hurt given always boomerangs..
      I am trying really hard to forgive, but this time it has scarred my soul in some way and I hate the darkness in my soul. I have spent the last few years doing everything to lighten my soul… But this has hurt me badly…

      1. I know honey. You are allowed to feel devastated and angry and sad. You are allowed to think terrible things and rage about it all. But with more time, the hurts will lessen and the memories will soften. Some people are not meant to stay in our lives for the long haul. They make an appearance along our journeys, but they do not walk beside us for long. You will learn from this, and it will make you stronger. You don’t have to be someone else for the sake of someone else. You are incredible now. In the moment you are the person you are designed to be. If you act with unkindness, it’s important to say that you are sorry if you can. But don’t EVER apologize on behalf of your fire and spirit to anyone. Never. It will get better. I hear you finding your voice more and more, and it makes me feel so very proud of you my friend. These are the moments that forge our characters. You are where you are supposed to be. Have faith little one. I believe in you. Always. ❤️

        1. I am hurt Jo, terribly soul breaking hurt. But I won’t hurt the other person, even if I get a chance. The only thing which is going beyond my realm of understanding is I don’t even hurt people who deserve to be hurt but yet I am hurt-why? How does calling me names make other people feel better, this is beyond me. I am too innocent for this world.
          I will get over everything, I will pour my hurt into words and I will be back… I am just hoping it is without any scars. I find myself in tears when I get up in the morning, for the unwanted pain given to me. How do I trust people now??

          1. Also can you tell the people who are not for the long haul that my heart is not a revolving door, and if they treat it badly, I hope the door bangs hard on their butt on their way out…

          2. I think that the more important question is why are you giving so much control to this person? You know who you are. You are not those words that the other person spoke. Don’t believe those words darling. They are hollow. I know that they hurt, but they aren’t true. I am furious about the smallest goofy comment one of my coworkers made on my review at word. It was an innocuous comment and it’s completely false. But it still irritates me to pieces! Why? Why do we get so fired up even when we know that they are wrong? Maybe it’s because we feel like they should see the real us, but the words make it obvious that they don’t. Maybe it’s because we are afrain that they are right (even when we can step back and see that they aren’t). I don’t know. But I do know that we need to figure out how to keep our power in the Truth, not in another person’s false words. You will heal darling. You will trust again. And you will learn from this experience. Much love to you my sweet friend.

          3. Thank you for being there Jo. For listening and for your whole hearted support. It hurts us because people matter to us and words matter to us, I suppose.
            Still as you said, some things are not meant to be..

  2. Wow. What another great post Shalini! It reminds me of the quote ” A man is as good as his word” I agree completely sometimes it can be very difficult to stay true to our word but it is possible. We all have our hard times and battles! But our journey can be the biggest lesson. ~Sometimes it’s not about the destination it’s the journey~ We live and learn sweetheart! Thanks for sharing this fantastic post!

    1. Aww.. Dani aren’t you the cutest. And I agree with your words totally. Life is words communication.. So its better to keep up our words… I generally take time to commit to anything, once I do, I complete it. And when I can’t then I tell the other person honestly…

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