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Survival Sandstorm

At the age of 14, author Mehul Jangir has written this book. I am reviewing the book not on the basis of his age but on his writing.

My review

The story went thus 1 Soviet pilot, 2 Soviet soldiers, and 3 German hostages in a small plane traveling across Sahara to reach the British facility in Ghana, when suddenly the plane crashed in the desert, one hostage escaped, one soldier and one hostage died, and then there were 3!! Captured to be sold as slaves, the 3 went through various upheavals in the desert till they reached Brazil.

This was a fictional thriller based on historical events of World War II. I liked the way author Mehul has amalgamated those vague pieces of history and transformed it into a thriller. At least he has tried to.

The barebones of the plot was exciting, to think what could have been was exhilarating. The sequence of events were well maintained. The first part gave me a rush, I was hoping the crash would give me a roller-coaster ride in the pages.

But there were my niggles which overpowered me — the book was written in first person, but each chapter was a different person’s POV, so the chapter heading had to be kept in mind. This was a different style, but this felt more like a log book of each person, instead of a cohesive story.

The thrill, the emotions, keeping me at the edge of my seat was just not there. The book read dry. And there were too many characters so keeping track needed a pen and paper. The book ended abruptly, with the story barely hinted at, and the excitement and adventure was bare minimum. All this left me feeling incomplete. I was completely at a loss!!

I read the book twice hoping that the second reading would give me a complete story. But no such luck. A good attempt, but needs more development.

P. S I didn’t like the cover too!!

I received the book from the author, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3 stars

About the Author

Mehul’s imagination belies his tender age of fourteen years. His heroes are Geronimo Stilton, J K Rowling and George R. R. Martin and he inhabits their worlds. He comes out of them only to create his own. His love for Mun, developing computer programs and cricket are his only distractions.

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Book blurb

Aboard the plane that battles the devilish storm over the great Sahara are three hostages from Nazi Germany, three hostages who can change the course of World War II if they reach their destination.

Can Ivsker Vodkech, the best pilot in the Soviet Union, battle against all odds to deliver the three hostages into allied hands? Can he uncover the horrific organization operating in Africa? Can he survive?

Product Details

Publication date : 29th January, 2018

Publisher : Quignog

A pseudo thriller

43 Responses

  1. It sounds like there were some things that could have been improved in the book… but how incredible to be published at 14 years of age! I’m sure the author has some amazing things ahead of him!

    1. Well, this book was only 147 or so pages. When it ended, I couldn’t quite believe what I have read, I kept thinking what is the story, and I couldn’t find 1 hence I had to read again to check if my brain skipped important parts. Unfortunately I had read every line.
      I am going through some tough times, so reading to maintain sanity😢😊

      1. The books which come up for review are sometimes so trashy that I wonder why I wasted my precious time. I believe this is one of those books!

        1. He is only 14. So he needs to read more, think plot lines, think emotions.
          I find a lot of authors think that giving an incomplete story with abrupt ending will cause readers to come back for more. They are wrong. For some of us, books are expensive and so is our time, when they give incomplete books, I feel they are insulting my hard earned money and my time invested in them. Will I read such an author again?

          1. Yeah but at least he tried and for that he deserves an applause. I agree with you that both the books and our time are expensive. That’s the reason I have started being picky about the books I read.

        1. Part of life Laurie. But this time I have been affected a lot. Just saw myself in the mirror yesterday… My eyes are dead…😢 No no I am not a zombie yet… I think 😉😉😂😂

          1. Shalini, I’m so sorry you’re going through a rough patch. I don’t know the source of your distress, but I hope that you will remember to take one day at a time, and not stress over anything you can’t change. Can you do that for me? I want your eyes to keep shining bright like the sunshine. ☀️

          2. I am really trying.. I am dealing with a heartbreak, someone I loved for many years left me suddenly. It was so unexpected that it just shocked my entire system. I am taking one day at a time. I smile and laugh, so I thought I had healed till I really saw the mirror and looked into my eyes. There is no hope in them, that scares me. Well I will come out of it, but Laurie this has scarred me badly… 😢
            One fine day, getting a message without knowing the reason and being blocked from all ways of communication just broke me…

          3. Oh Shalini, I’m sorry. So you mean the person left you metaphorically speaking? You’re not speaking about a literal death then.
            I think you posted about this loss, right?

  2. Perhaps he will improve with age and more experience. I’m impressed you read the book twice. I’m sorry it’s been a tough time for you. Keep that sun- shiny persona though, okay? That helps my sanity. 😉

    1. Awww… You make me shine Laurie… And the fact that you read about that crazy wicked child. Now I am in awe of your courage… 😳😊

  3. So disappointing when your reading experience comes to an end and you’re left with the feeling of, “okay…there has to be more?” – good on the author for working on his dream at such a young age, but it sounds like he needed a good editor and some more life experience. Great review, as always. ❤❤

    1. I agree. I told his dad… They said book 2 would be better. If it is written in first person by individual characters, it won’t gel and meld into a story. Not sure if they understood that. So many except me have praised the author, that I decided to be quiet

      1. It’s just too easy to publish books without editing. It’s really unfortunate. And then, people praise the book because he is young, which is doing him a disservice in my opinion. But I hear you, ugh! Well, keep reviewing on here because I listen to your recommendations! 😘

        1. This was proofread and edited. It is trad published. But it didn’t work for me. I swear I read it twice just to be fair because sometimes brain skips. Well I tried hard to like this book. And believe me, I have read lots of books of this genre. I am reading for 4 decades now…
          P. S His father has commented below.

  4. Interesting comments, he will learn from these. Few things, it was not published via KDP, Pirates Publishing, published it. He was not 14 when it was written, he wrote it when he was 12. Got published at 14. Each and every writing style is unique, that’s why books are not compared. They are enjoyed in the way they are written.

    Authors like Anthony Horowitz are liking the book. There must be few things which are done correct.

    Abrupt ending: he will understand that and will improve upon it. We knew there would be harsh reviews but we still went ahead. Criticism is always good, that’s how one improves.

    from Mehul: As the saying goes, “If no one hates what you’re doing, you’re doing something wrong”.

    yes, everyone has an opinion, and I respect that.

    Thanks for the review, thats how these should be done and discussed.

    1. Thank you.. But the point about KDP was meant in general. I have seen that the book is published by Pirates.
      We bloggers receive a lot of books by authors published via KDP. Publishing at a young age is easy with KDP. That’s what I meant.
      A book is an individual journey, so the enjoyment of the journey depends on the traveler. I can describe my journey in this book not other author’s.
      I didn’t compare your book to anyone else, but thrillers have got to thrill.
      As written as a disclaimer and told to you on mail, I will review the book not the author. (I did offer only a spotlight for this book.) So whether he published at 12 or 14, only the writing matters.
      But the age was mentioned because the thrill and emotions were missing.
      I have been kind in my review. I am never so kind. I talk straight.

  5. I know it doesn’t feel like it now Shalini, but you’ll get past it and one day in the future it will be a distant memory for you. Trust me on that one as someone who’s older and has been through that pain. But I’m so much happier now and have been for over two decades. 😉

  6. Good for you giving this book a try and then another try. At the age of 14, I can’t imagine being wordly enough to write a book. It sounds like this was more of a textbook with each person/topic being a new chapter. Too bad it left you feeling flat. Keep your chin up and take one day at a time.

    1. I am doing that Carla.
      I don’t mind a textbook style but I need a story not hints of a story. Buying a book and not getting a story is wrong according to me. But most new authors do that. They keep everything in the air only to be solved in the last book of the series. Might as well buy the last book in the series.

      1. Some people ask me how I can jump into the middle of a series and still enjoy it, I guess it depends, but if it is like a series that just goes along and ties everything up at the end, then it is no problem.

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