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My review

The book was a fun read, it took me 2 days to finish it as it was a buddy read with Rekha. You can find both our reviews here and here

It also was a mother-daughter bonding read when mom showed a curiosity in the cover. Hence a second review comes here

The book was a police procedural set in the 1970s where India didn’t have the investigative technology and forensics. The police basically depended only on witness statements, alibis, and body language to know the veracity of those statements. These parts were detailed and the hard work of the cops were brought to light.

The investigation was great, I liked the way Inspector Vishwanath Sharma went about it, with his sidekick deputy Rawat. The team had a great camaraderie going on. They respected each other as well as knew when to weigh in their opinions.

The author Neena Brar did a fabulous job in maintaining a 1974 setting throughout the book. It gave an old-worldly vibe to the story. The complexities of the characters, especially the deceased Devika were well shown. It added to the flavor of the story.

There were a lot of description and hindi words which gave it an aura of watching an old Hindi movie, but it slightly diluted the suspense and thrill for me.

Overall a good read for me.

Input from Vijaya a.k.a my mother in her own words

Investigation and the police part was good. The author kept me guessing the identity of murderer.

Too many details, the chapters can be cut down. Story can be completed in 2 parts.

Mom especially didn’t like some parts, she felt affronted by certain descriptions

Well, she was a young woman in 1974, hence I bowed down to her higher knowledge.

The other details of the author and the book can be found here.

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  1. Good review Shalini. All the best to blog tour which you mention here as the last stop. Forgive me for not fully comprehending it

    1. It is like a bus tour where every day the places to visit are fixed, this is a virtual tour of different blog sites on each day. The stops are the blogs so I am the last stop of this tour.

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      I have sent you book and all details for the Golden Skies blog tour. Kindly check the spam folder on mail too…

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