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All the pics have either been taken by or with the help of my mother. I am both proud and love her help. This review is dedicated to mom as she wanted me write it stat.

My review

I have been looking for the perfect laptop bag since a week, and after a lot of pondering and browsing and measuring, I found a perfect bag for my Dell Inspiron 15.6 laptop.

The Saco laptop bag fits my requirements perfectly.


I wanted the bag to be an inch bigger than my laptop so that there is space and it becomes easy to insert or remove. The bag’s dimensions are 41cm×30cm×3 cm. My laptop’s is 38cm×27.5cm×2cm. These are perfect dimensions for Dell Inspiron 15.6 laptops.

The bag has an inner thick cushion to protect my laptop. The company does mention that it is a high density foam for greater protection from scratches due to friction.

The bag is lightweight yet sturdy enough. My laptop is 2.3kg so the bag hardly adds to the overall weight, and I am able to carry it easily.

I didn’t want the bag to flimsy and floppy like a laptop sleeve and this bag maintains its shape. The bag is made of stiff synthetic material for rugged usage.

The bag has straps and handle to carry it easily in different modes. This bag can be converted as a vertical or horizontal shoulder bag or a backpack. I liked that it also has a sturdy handle so that I carry it like a briefcase.

The zips are extremely smooth.

There is an outer pocket which is spacious enough to fit the charger and cordless mouse.


The original price is 950INR and Amazon sells it at 829INR.


The synthetic material of the bag, to some, might feel a little rough on touch.

The bag comes in a single color black with red piping around the edges.

My overall impression

This is the bag I wanted as it fits all my requirements. Also I have previously bought a bag from this company Saco for my acer 10.1 notebook a year back, and it still looks like new.

Packaging and delivery

I bought the bag from Amazon India (I buy 90% of my products from Amazon, and I am extremely happy with them)

The bag was packaged doubly with the outer Amazon plastic bag and the inner transparent bag.

I ordered the bag on 29th March, 2018 and I received it today 1st April. The bag comes from Chennai, so I assume that the Saco company is based there. The Company is pretty professional and fast in packing and courier. (the bag was dispatched from Chennai on 30th)

Value for money

8 Responses

  1. Great presentation, Shalini! Its always hard to find bags for laptops or other devices. This one looks great, and the possibility using it as backpack is great. Thank you. I am also a fan of amazon.;-) Michael

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