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My review
Winter being the harshest on the skin, I was searching for a soap which would be gentle and leave my face feeling moisturised. Face having the most sensitive skin, I felt any soap which makes my face feel pampered, would automatically be good for the entire body. 

Soulflower, being the company which has been there for a few years now, prides itself for manufacturing handmade herbal 100% pure natural and vegan soaps, free from sls, chemicals, synthetic color or fragrance. The company stamps the ingredients on its every bar. 

The company does contend that lavender flower and essential oil soothes skin, exfoliates and revitalizes dull flaky skin. Olive oil hydrates and softens skin castor oil moisturizes dry skin. Coconut oil protects skin, restores the damaged skin, making it soft and supple. Palm oil and palm kernel oil have soothing properties it also moisturizes skin and helps regain its softness. Stearic acid and vitamin E deep cleanse skin, give radiance and help your skin look younger. Extracted from the fatty portions of lavender flower, which is a slice of natural  pure essence, is used to preserve the nutrients. 

I have been using this soap for the past 4 months, and I do feel that this is one of the better soaps, especially for the dry winter season, available both in India and now in USA (since 2016). There has definitely been a positive result in this winter, my skin does not feel dried out as with the other soaps, though moisturizer regime is still strictly followed. 

The soap comes double packed in a bubble wrap with a silicon drying agent sachet and a tight plastic covering. So, even in the rains, the soap is well protected. 

At 150 gms, it quite a big bar to be used comfortably, so it can be cut into 2. The soap being handmade is butter smooth to cut. The lavender fragrance is heavenly and soothing, everything it claims to be. Lavender helps the skin heal itself, preventing scarring and balancing the oil production. So can be safely used in acne and other skin problems. Unless the dermatologist has specified a medicated soap. 

Everyone feels that if there is adequate lather, then the soap works. But the reality is that, lather is formed due to the preservatives and the hardening agents present in the soap, the so called parabens and sls. So this soap does not produce too much of a lather, but using a loofah or a scrub helps the lather to form easily.

I had given this soap for everyone in the family to use, to test the verity of the product, and this is what the general consensus was 

  • The soap keeps the skin well moisturised. It is pleasure to use it in winter.
  • The lather is quite less, and it has a purple tinge. My dad did not like that. 
  • Lavender has a floral aroma, we all loved it, it relaxed and brought a sense of calm to us. My dad and brother-in-law felt it is too girly
  • None of us had any breakouts, though we are not prone to acne, but our skin is extremely sensitive
  • It melts easily, so it has to be kept in a dry place after bath. It cannot be used during the rains or in summer in a humid city like Mumbai which is saturated with water vapor, even in summer, so it would not retain its shape. It would require extra work of drying out the soap. 
  • The soap, being handmade, leaves a purple coating in the soap dish, which was not liked by some. 
  • The soap is expensive at 250 INR, but it lasts more than a month. And the price goes down during a sale. 


Soulflower lavender soap is a mild, gentle soap with adequate lather,  and a wonderful calming fragrance, great for toning and revitalizing skin, suitable for all skin types.

My rating : 4.5 stars

Price : 250 INR

(buy it during a sale, it works out well then, but it is still on the expensive side) 

About the Company

A Pioneering Natural Healthy Living, Soulflower’s natural personal care essentials are made from hand-picked herbal & medicinal plants, using some of the ancient therapeutic remedies. They are also free from harmful preservatives or chemicals. Soulflower product portfolio includes Handmade Soaps, Essential oils, Coldpressed Carrier Oils, Massage Oils, Bath Salts, Roll Ons.

Local Sourcing, a package of fresh & pure ingredients, all their products are the combination of ingredients that are sourced from freshest & purest sustainable local resources. Their raw materials are 100% Pure, Natural & Vegan. Soulflower is both Halal and FDA certified. 

       (pic from Soulflower website) 

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