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I have been told by a friend of mine that it is impossible to quit smoking – is it?? I have no idea. I have been asked to do research on it. My medical books hold no such information. Smoking – 1, Me – 0.

I went to a psychiatrist friend of mine, he asked me to send my friend to him for a consultation. My friend baulked. He told me – find an easy method! So the psychiatrist couch was out and so was hypnotherapy. Anything which cost my friend too much money was also out—hmmm where is the easy method?? Smoking – 2, Me – 0!!

So armed with the power of gaining knowledge and finding out the so called fast to apply and one which better work damn well, I went about searching for books on that. I did come across a lot of books which suggested a lot of methods and many techniques to stop smoking. I did give some of the important pages to my friend. He sneered at the idea of reading – sighhhh!!! I realised all these books didn’t understand that if the technique is too long or too expensive, then the compliance is lost and smoking wins!! Smoking – 3, Me – 0!!

During my research, I came across this book Stop Smoken – this caught my attention. Why would the author misspell the word? (I later learned it is deliberate, check the book blurb)

The author, Ron Roesch, himself was a 2-pack per day smoker, and he did test his method of stopping this addiction which is killing millions day by day. Today, it’s been a few years since he felt the need to smoke.

Ron does seem to have a surefire method to train his subconscious to stop needing the burst of nicotine and tobacco. And the method takes hardly a few seconds to apply.

The power that cigarette smoking has over a person comes from the subconscious mind. The addiction gets its energy from the subconscious…

The logical part of my medical brain does say that it will work, as once the subconscious is made to hate the need, it will stop asking for it. And yp, the subconscious is that powerful. The method is that easy!!

If the impulses from the subconscious mind can be blocked or eliminated, the subconscious mind can be easily programmed, and smoking behavior can be stopped…

Smoking – 0, Me – I WIN!!!

As an anesthesiologist, I hate smokers as patients (I ask them to stop smoking for a week, I bet they are lying to me), as the smoking and its effects on the lungs, causes so many complications on the operation table. It is a total stress on me and the patient.

As a woman, I don’t like a man who smokes near me, after a few years of smoking, they start stinking of cigarettes even if they are not smoking near me. My favourite dialog — why would I want to kiss an ashtray??

So all the more reason, for smokers to try Ron Roesch’s methods to stop smoking, erase the need from their mind, from their subconscious, so that the brain is now retrained to think like a non-smoker. Ron has written this book in an easy to read, unpretentious manner that it immediately becomes easy to grasp. And his formula does work, provided the desire to stop smoking is strong enough to make the commitment to the method.

Knowing the formula for quitting does not make a person smoke-free. A formula needs to be applied before a person can get results…

Ron has given easy method for smokers all over the world to quit smoking. And this method does not ‘not work’. It produces 100% results. Read the book, test it out, and let Ron know. He guarantees money back!! (depending on Amazon rules)

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author

Ron Roasch has a Bachelor of Science from Pacific University. He has been living in Phillipines since the past 15 years, and this is his debut novel

Book blurb

Millions and millions of people will be able to quit smoking when they find out how easy it really can be. Because, with this very simple method, a smoker is able to eliminate all the cravings and desires, they have for tobacco.

For most people the hardest part of quitting is fighting with those cravings and desires that plague their mind. And they struggle with thoughts and desires that push them to want another cigarette. Ron Roesch has found a way to eliminate those desires. This book explains in easy to read detail how the addiction works in the mind and how the mind can be set free from the addictive hold tobacco has on it.

When a smoker learns the “quit smoken methods” and applies them to their life, they become a non-smoker, with the mind of a non-smoker. They aren’t a recovering smoker or a “once an addict always a12 step smoker addict”. They don’t need a seminar, a support group, drugs, or counseling

One last thing before you buy the book “smoken” is a real word. Even if spell checkers doesn’t recognize it. Jim Carry said in the Mask “Smoken!” He didn’t say smo-k-i-n-g. Who says smo-k-i-n-g these days anyway? The urban dictionary defines it as “a verb. (smoe’ken) slightly more formal tense of the past participle of smoke, (smoked).”

Product Details

Publication date : 17th February, 2018

Publisher : Self

Language : English

Available on Amazon

Easy to apply, quit smoken

21 Responses

  1. how do i get a digest or still be able to visit your site without having emails every day? I’m swamped with those and prefer to just check as able. not sure how it works in WordPress though. i clicked something but don’t know what it did. can i find your stuff in my Reader? sorry i’m new-ish here.

    1. You will find all the people you follow, on your reader. Also go to the settings and shut off the email notifications so that you are not bombarded with the 100s of mails from the posts you follow. Check the reader every 2 hours or so. Sometimes you will miss some posts if you don’t catch it at the right time. It’s all fine.

      1. cool, good tips. i think i had figured out the email thing but still get WP notifications which i want to look at but not get notified all the time (kinda a good problem). i’ll be doing well to check once a day once i go back to a full-time job.

        1. I used to get, now I don’t as I have shut off all email notifications. I do not know if it can be done as a once a day digest notification. Mail WP and ask them

  2. Yes u r right and something I had not given thot to. But a smoker can’t quit a week before a procedure. If u can kick it a week, it’s mostly kicked. But before a procedure? No. You’ve heard the old saying, I know i can quit cause I’ve done it so many times?

  3. Very interesting. This title definitely caught my attention and I loved the explanation for the spelling. lol.
    Will make note of this book. Trying to get a relative of mine to stop…. but it won’t happen until he’s ready! I’ll pass this on to him when he is.

    1. I have also told a friend of mine about the method. But till he wants to quit, no use.
      There is a saying in India – you can take the donkey to the water, can’t force him to drink… Hehehe 😉😉😂😂

    1. Thank you for nomination… I am a little slow in awards. I hide and escape whenever I can! Where are your questions or do we answer the same ones??

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