Book Review – The Woman I was Before by Kerry Fisher #BookReview #BookBlogger #AmReading

Happy Publication Day!! Posed VS Reality Facebook VS Real life 3 houses and 3 families in a gated community on Parkview Road, this is their story, this is their life, this is the story of their lives. 3 women all different, Giselle with 2 kids and husband, with parties and takeaways galore, portraying the happy […]

Book Review – The Sisters’ Secrets – Reen by Katlyn Duncan @katlyn_duncan #BookBlogger #AmReading

The siren’s song, a hidden, melody, the rushing waves, and the escaping memories – a strange lore of fantasy and family was this story of Reen. Book 2 by Katlyn Duncan told me the story of the sister Reen. A family broken apart, hurt and abandonment and distance widening the chasm, the book started with […]