A Year of Taking Chances by Jennifer Bohnet

My review What a fabulous and a half book!! This book was gorgeous, delightful, and an absolute breezy read about 2 best friends Tina and Jodie, wanting the Cosmos (I meant the Universe, not the magazine) to change their lives before they reach the big 3-O. And the cosmos responds via the author Jennifer Bohnet; […]

The Undercover Mother by Emma Robinson

My review This is the story of a naive woman on the verge of giving birth in 5 weeks who thinks life would remain pretty much the same, after the baby arrives. Uh-huh!! And boy, is she proved wrong!! Jenny who writes a column on Single Woman About Town suddenly finds herself writing a blog […]

Stand by Me by S. D. Robertson

My review I like books which have friendship, love, family, children. Then throw in a little magic, a little miracle, and it should make the book complete. Stand by me started well, with childhood best friend, Elliot, making his appearance in Lisa’s life after 20 years when she is struggling with marriage and children. He […]

Depth of lies by E. C. Diskin

My review This story is about six friends and neighbours where one commits suicide and the others are left shell-shocked. How can the friend who was the most bubbly and most joyful, who had a perfect zest for life, commit such an ultimate act?? What caused her so much pain that she thought death was […]

Thank You

I was asked by a friend directly – when are you writing for my blog?  Followed by a – would you like to write for my blog? — Look at the audacity but first and foremost, look at the trust and friendship bestowed upon me.  I have been asked previously to write for a few bloggers, […]

The Woman who Knew Everything by Debbie Viggiano 

My review The universal question that any woman who is in a relationship has in mind – will he or won’t he? And when will he?  These three best friends/workmates Amber, Dee, and Chrissie have the same question in mind. When Christmas and New Year does not present them with a proposal or a ring, […]

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