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I was asked by a friend directly – when are you writing for my blog?  Followed by a – would you like to write for my blog? — Look at the audacity but first and foremost, look at the trust and friendship bestowed upon me. 

I have been asked previously to write for a few bloggers, but somehow I couldn’t find the words either to formulate or to write. 

Circumstances so happened that when Anindya asked, I had a thought in my mind, actually a couple of thoughts so I wrote Colour on my post and A Silent Enemy on his. 

Thank you, Anindya for giving me the honor and the space to write a post on your journal. It’s not about viewership or how many really read and comment. It is about trust, it is about respect, and it is about honoring my wishes. 

His only instructions for the post were — write on any topic you so wish, I will publish it knowing it will be well writtenreading these words, how could I stop myself from writing words on his. 

Anindya understood the depth of my thoughts, the pain which resulted in this creation and the sensitivity needed to handle my written words. He gave me the time and the silence to share my crisis with him, without asking me a single question.  

This post is exclusively to thank Anindya for being a great friend and a terrific fellow blogger

(P.S. thank you, zombie) 


135 Responses

  1. That’s always sweet as you are…..:)….I am humbled once again……it ‘s a beautiful post by you and your words resonate with emotions and feelings, and that is very important in any creation, the most important elements, to be expressed whole heartedly……and I like you for that…:)

    1. Hi Jay, you really are a darling and a sweetheart. Thank you for reading my work. Every time, you take a few minutes out of your heavy book publicizing schedule to write a few words, it humbles me and warms my heart.
      I reiterate I am so totally crushing on you, right now. Your fan girl Shalini

        1. Jay, you are first person I interacted with and you hold a special corner in my heart. So I will never ever doubt your sincerity. Remember fan girl crush😉

          1. Yp, you were, in fact I didn’t even know how WP worked. You helped quite a lot. I don’t forget acts of kindness

  2. Great write up shalini…you knoe I am already a fan of your writing…so i just love it when i read something written by you…. I wonder when i will read something again…keep it up…write more!!😁😁😄😄

          1. I thought so…but now I have to cover so much…i learned today…that out of 25 attractions in delhi…i have been to only 3…i was pissed…and so i am gonna cover atleast 3 tomorrow….gonna start from 9 am till late evening!!!?

            Still planning!!

          2. Yeah…but you said cajole…i thought he would want to go with you himself…no need to say…he is connected through 💓!!🤗🤗

          3. What we imagine…our thoughts are shaped the same way…we think and speak the same way…so i say…imagine more….so you can see the same way…like you rightly said…no one is perfect…we have to enjoy imperfections to make a perfect relation!!

          4. Yeah…cool…but i want to continue from here…so pls remember to make me remember the topic we leave off now….das vidaniyan!!

          5. I must be tired…dont want to but…my eyelids have finally given up…catch you tomorrow!!

            Sleep tight and dream well!!

            Take care shalini😄😎🤗

    1. Hello Sir, thank you so much for your concern. You have a kind heart. Mom is getting better, healing has not started, but the pain is reducing so I am thankful that she is comfortable. Will keep in touch sir. I have prayed to all my Gods to make mum ok. Will go to temples with her once she is ok

    2. Sir, learning and knowledge is lifelong.. It’s up to us, even a child can teach us a lot. So textbook knowledge and real life knowledge are different but important aspects

        1. Thank you so much Sir. I always believe that it’s Blessings from elders and blessings from God, they save us and protect us from harm. My personal experience.
          Thank you for listening to me with patience and understanding without me saying all the words. You are kind beyond words, especially in times of stress.
          I am trying to be a good daughter, some days I am not. Most days I am… Will work harder to make up for days I have a break down. Parents are everything, they are my world. they didn’t let go of me when I needed them. So when they are old, I won’t let go of them. I wish more people thought that. But to each his/her own

          1. Sir, in India most of us look after our parents, in fact if my friends are out of town, I am the standby doctor for them in case of medical emergency, till they are back. And my friends do the same

          2. Aah… Thank you but Sir, trend is changing. Nowadays youngsters aping the west and more elderly are kept in old age home. But I am old fashioned, principled, won’t do that. I can’t even think about it.

          3. That’s great. That’s what life is all about. Most people are so involved in the virtual world with Twitter WordPress Facebook, they have forgotten that until you care for people in the real world, however good you portray in the virtual world, we are judged by our actions in the real world. But with the invent of internet most have forgotten. I myself have met the so called “good people” on Twitter and elsewhere. Strange way of living

    1. My Jeni girl, you read it… Omg omg thank you so much…
      I went through that incident 5days ago. So had to write as I was so angry…
      Thank you for reading

      1. Thank you Shalini, for the always great reviews. Its very good for deciding what to read next. Have also a good stress-less week inside the biggest city of India, i read. Wow! Michael

    1. If you have read this post, you wouldn’t have said this comment. Or if you had read any of my previous or my guest post, you wouldn’t have written this comment.

      1. Haha is it so….

        Actually I love interacting with people then reading their posts….Yeah I would read your at least few of your posts for sure….to correct my self…

          1. Then for sure……
            I will read them and comment….Them. Actually I would love to do that….But interacting with different mind gives me different feel…

          2. Yes… But you asked me a question as to why I don’t write on life and perception, then I realised that you haven’t read the post where you are commenting

          3. Yes I have not read it . But now I am at your blog and trying to find out post which is not a book review.
            Give me some time . I am on the job.
            Actually I have clicked on your link to “colour ‘ and trying to figure out it’s book review or your point of view of “colour “?

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