One Little Lie by Sam Carrington

My review Disclaimer: I am not very fond of books which do not keep me in suspense or allow me to play Detective. My first book by author Sam Carrington, it was an okay read. I already knew all the characters, it was just a matter of placing them in their respective slots in the […]

The Family at No 13 by S. D. Monaghan

My review I wanted a book which would grip me from the beginning to the end and distract me away from the realities of life but unfortunately, this book could not do the trick. I picked up this book due to the cover; there is something so intriguing about it. This was one of the […]

The Visitor by K. L. Slater

My review According to merriam-webster’s definition of a THRILLER one that thrills, especially a work of fiction designed to hold the interest, by the use of high degree of intrigue, suspense, or adventure I will go one step further, merriam-webster defines PSYCHOLOGICAL as directed toward the will or toward the mind specifically in its conative […]

Last Night by Kerry Wilkinson

My review Much ado about nothing — this says it all about this book. I never thought I would ever get to the end, and I am so glad I got to it without a DNF. I generally like Kerry Wilkinson books, but in the recent times, the level of intrigue in his prose is […]

Buried Truth by Jannine Gallant

My review I like my female leads to be strong and courageous, or at least grow in character as the book moves forward. Leah, as the main lead, was really iffy, she went back and forth so many times, that I went back and forth with my decision To read or not to read, is […]

I’ll Stay by Karen Day

My review The story goes thus: during college break 4 friends take a trip to Florida for partying, where they behave stupidly and two of them Clare and Lee end up in a dangerous situation leading to the entry unsavory characters, and Lee offers herself allowing Clare to escape. Clare manages to get help and […]

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