Book Review – Liquid Magic by Mitzi C

My review This was one book which was so difficult to get into and the one which was so difficult to get out of. The story started with scenes so disjointed that I was fragmented in my view to continue to read further on not. But I am glad I stuck to my determination of […]

Book Review – The Queen’s Wing by Jessica Thorne

My review This book is so much more that described in the blurb. It touches the skies in a booming explosion, there is thrill, there is exhilaration, there is vengeance against the evil. There is romance, there is friendship, there is a commander, a strategist, and there is a Queen who loves to fly. There […]

Book Review – Spin by Maksim Malik

My review A true sci-fi thriller, the book has Nadani Jagi, a freelance spacer, living in her ship, the Astromancer, who finds herself bound in a contract of transporting slaves. This one job leads her to the bigger plot where she is implanted with infobots carrying sensitive information, and everyone in space from Government officials […]

Immortalis The Fallen by G M Sherwin

Book blurb Two souls ripped from their world, lost. Raif and Ash must face their own demons in order to face what is coming. In the aftermath of the events on Avalon, Sofia takes refuge and tries to piece together what occurred and an uneasy alliance is formed with the man who tried to kill […]

Virtual Heaven by Taylor Kole

My review Oh, what a fantastic sci-fi thriller! I absolutely did not expect this book to be so well drafted with an easy-to-understand writing style.  I started this book with trepidation as a lot of sci-fi thrillers, that I have read in the recent past, had neither sci-fi nor thriller. But this book surpassed all my […]

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