Book Review – A Place to Lie by Rebecca Griffiths #BookBlogger #AmReading

Two sisters Joanna and Caroline and a summer of 1990. Something happened which caused the 2 sisters to fall out, and later Jo was called to identify her sister’s body. Was it a suicide, if so, why? Written cleverly by Rebecca Griffiths in the dual timeliness, the present and 1990, the story slowly rolled on, […]

The Waiting Room by Emily Bleeker

My review I had tears by the time I finished this book. My heart felt as if every drop of emotion was drained out of it. I was in turmoil. I liked the book, yet I didn’t like it in some parts. The story goes like this, since her husband’s death, Veronica has post partum […]

Her Name was Rose by Claire Allan

My review I went into this book with low expectations as I have been disappointed with thrillers in the recent times. And voilà this book captured my interest somewhere in the middle. Emily allows Rose and her son Jack to precede her out of the lift, on to the road, in front of a speeding […]

The Liar’s Room by Simon Lelic

My review I am setting up the stage for the scene as I imagined it. Susanna as the counselor waiting for her patient and in comes Adam! They get to talking and Adam hints at wanting to hurt a woman and it turns out to her daughter Emily. The story takes a turn when Adam […]

The Silent Sister by Shalini Boland

My review The book started fabulously with an old faded envelop found by the cat sticking out of the floorboards in the kitchen. The doors were closed, how did the envelop get there? Lizzy was shocked and fearful. And the story continued on with her getting more such messages about someone keeping a watch on […]