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My review

I loved this book as well as hated it. The reason for both is the same — the characters

3 brides to be and 1 owner of wedding dress store = intersection of lives.

Bride 1 Jessie, the bridezilla, is so rude and condescending that I just wanted to slap her and make her fiancé see the real HER. Coming from a poor family where money is made to stretch and marrying into a rich family made her look down on her parents and insult them. JUST HATED HER TILL THE END!!

Bride 2 Dolly, who is so eager to marry a tosser that she is willing to disregard the way he treats her. Luckily a sudden change makes her introspective and she does have the courage to take a stand. LIKED HER IN THE END!!

Bride 3 Emily, with a heart so beautiful that she broke my heart. LOVED HER FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END!!

Store owner Helen has her own heartbreak with losing her husband of more than twenty five years yet she is there for all her brides slowly discovering her inner courage. A GENTLE SOUL, HER BEGINNING IS THE END!!

My first book by Jade Beer, it was a pleasant fast read. Helen as the store owner and a counselor to the brides was well written. The Emily parts were just uplifting, beautifully written. Dolly parts had their highs and lows, still came together. JESSIE parts had so many name-dropping of brands that I just skimmed the pages. I like brands and branded clothes and items, but to make it a part of the story whenever Jessie entered the scene made it ostentatious. I dropped the Jessie parts like a hot potato!!

Well, this is my review. As you can see, I loved it and hated it!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Bookouture, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3 stars

Book blurb

Jessie has always known she doesn’t belong, but she thought that would change when she met Adam. But pretending to be someone you’re not isn’t easy… and she’s already cracking under the pressure of keeping her past a secret from Adam’s uptight family.

Dolly works hard to keep up appearances – but what’s the point of only eating salad when her boyfriend Josh always seems distracted. Dolly is sure he’ll change once they’re married with a family; Josh did say he wanted those things… didn’t he?

Emily couldn’t be happier: she’s got funny, loving parents and a job she looks forward to. And then her boyfriend Mark proposes… just as some shocking news sends her life spiralling out of control.

Perfect strangers on the first page, Jessie, Dolly and Emily’s paths will cross in the most unexpected of ways. And as their stories collide, their lives will take a turn you’ll never predict.

Product Details

Publication date : 20th June, 2018

Publisher : Bookouture

Language : English

Available on Amazon

The Almost Great Read

42 Responses

  1. Love this review. I can completely see why some characters would worm their way into your affections more than others. Brand name dropping…. ugh! Lol Sounds like a sweet story overall.

    1. Parts of it were sweet… That Jessie was so ashamed of her parents because they dressed in ‘poor’ way, wearing same clothes, she almost didn’t want them at the wedding or even for choosing her wedding gown… Yuck!! Till the end fiancé was clueless

        1. I know and so many brands, I didn’t know most of them so hopped skipped and jumped and read only the Emily and Helen chapters. Book done easy peasy

    1. I agree… It bothers me too… Hence deleted book from kindle…
      Thanks a lot. I really didn’t know how to write this review.

  2. Wonderful review Shalini. I can see why you’d be torn with these characters. I despise Bridezillas (would you believe there was actually a tv series here in the U.S. that featured them? Ugh.) Right there, I don’t think this would be the book for because I’d probably wind up hurling my Kindle across the room.🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. I have seen that bridezilla series, a couple of episodes. I couldn’t understand why the character was mean to people and ashamed of parents, just to look good in front of would be in-laws. I wanted to just slap her hard. I just skimmed her parts.

      1. That’s my motto… heck usually by the time I write up the review and schedule it to post I’m almost done if not all the way done with the next. LOL

  3. Ha ha! I could see how the brand dropping could get annoying. I feel like that would drive me crazy!! Although, wanting to slap a character across the face sometimes isn’t a BAD THING, at least the author made you FEEL something for the character… Even if it was something of a burning hatred. 😂😉💖

    1. Yea maybe that’s why I gave 3 stars. But I didn’t get why she was ashamed of her hardworking parents. The worst was when she learnt her would be mother in law was from a middle class family before marriage, the babe just turned her tune and parents became acceptable… Well…

        1. Well… I have no idea since I don’t date women😉 but I suppose we don’t mind a guy buying us all that along with marriage hahahaha 😉😉😂😂😂

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