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My review

Story is pretty straightforward; Olivia Adams comes back home after 13 years, her mother believes that she is who she says she is : her daughter. And there are those who are suspicious. Then there are hidden truths, the family secrets, domestic abuse, people wearing masks. And the main crux of the story who is Olivia??  why has she come back?? 

As usual, the author, Kerry Wilkinson, has written a fast book with a lot of hints thrown in. He has made a simple story into a mystery read with 20 year old secrets. He has touched upon a lot of sensitive topics, but being a book of suspense, not dealt with any of them. 

His book is written in two viewpoints, the main character Olivia and a child Lily. So that gives a lot of hints of where the story is proceeding. Not much in depth development is done of any of the characters. But a lot of description is given to the details of their drinks at the pub. 

I picked up the book for the mystery in the title and the blurb but soon realized that there are parts written which are quite slow, does not keep the adrenaline racing. I didn’t like any of the characters, they were all flawed but I couldn’t find any redeeming points to admire them. 

But, all this does not take away the mystery from the story, it has its own fun to read, just not a nail biting one. To me, this was a light weekend read, where I read, wrote my review and didn’t go back to book to think about it. Onto my next read…. 

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher, Bookouture and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

My rating : 3 stars

About the Author

Kerry Wilkinson has been busy since turning thirty.

His first Jessica Daniel novel, Locked In/The Killer Inside, is a number one ebook bestseller, while the series as a whole has sold one million copies.

He has written a fantasy-adventure trilogy for young adults, a second crime series featuring private investigator Andrew Hunter, plus the standalone thrillers, Down Among the Dead Men and No Place Like Home.

When he’s short of ideas, he rides his bike or bakes cakes. When he’s not, he writes it all down.

Book blurb

Thirteen years ago Olivia Adams went missing. Now she’s back… or is she?

When six-year-old Olivia Adam’s disappeared from her back garden, the small community of Stoneridge was thrown into turmoil. How could a child vanish in the middle of a cosy English village? And If this is the missing girl, then where has she been – and what happened to her on that sunny afternoon? If she’s an imposter, then who would be bold enough to try to fool a child’s own mother – and why?

Then there are those who would rather Olivia stayed missing. The past is the past and some secrets must remain buried. 

Product Details
Publication date : 8th September 2017 

Publisher : Bookouture 

Language : English

Available on Amazon

      A light mystery read

49 Responses

    1. To continue, you have a great talent. Why do so many of your stories end in death or heart break. Life is do much more. Love is just a small part of it… Live know your strength as a human being.. Laugh be happy… Love what you do, work studies parents family. All the rest just falls into place. Sorry if I spoke too much. I want to read happy stories by you where the woman is strong

      1. Thank you so much for such a caring comment, it literally brought tears in my eyes and yes all these stories are not part of life they are just my imagination. And I’ll try to write some happy stories. You’re great I must say. Thank you for you valuable time. 😇

        1. I have lived many years on this earth. By experience I am telling you. Write about a strong woman, bacha, because love is important but the strength of a woman is far superior to all that… My observation. Keep writing.. Let me read all your stories… Make me happy… Make me laugh.. You have a great talent

          1. Then write… Keep writing… Good luck, girl… I will keep reading. Just send a link of your story here so that I get to read immediately… Thank you for understanding and giving me your patience to say what I want

          2. Naaaaaah, you are a very good writer…. Nothing immature about it. Just put it as a different view point, where a woman rises beyond….

  1. I love reading books in a snapshot in your reviews. You have a fantastic way of conveying your impressions. I easily as entertained (if not even more) with your reviews as I am with the books themselves! You’re so wonderful girl. 😊

    1. Thank you so much… I generally try to be kind in reviews except when some things irritate me.
      I did get brickbats for my review in the previous post by the author, the author’s friend. I have kept all their comments in the comments section. I still stand by my review whatever the western world thinks. Check it out… It was my first time of being criticised for my views

  2. Haven’t been here for a while! Nothing has changed – your reviews are deeply valuable and extremely interesting. Thank you for providing us a huge source of knowledge!

    1. Jeni girl how are you? I have been reading for 40 years and novels for 37/38 years. Do you really expect me to keep count??? 😂😂😉😉😵😵😱😱

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