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Book Review - The Maid by Nita Prose @NitaProse

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the maid


I am your maid.

I know about your secrets.

Your dirty laundry.

But what do you know about me?

Molly the maid is all alone in the world.

A nobody.

She’s used to being invisible in her job at the Regency Grand Hotel, plumping pillows and wiping away the grime, dust and secrets of the guests passing through.

She’s just a maid – why should anyone take notice?
But Molly is thrown into the spotlight when she discovers an infamous guest, Mr Black, very dead in his bed.

This isn’t a mess that can be easily cleaned up.

And as Molly becomes embroiled in the hunt for the truth, following the clues whispering in the hallways of the Regency Grand, she discovers a power she never knew was there.

She’s just a maid – but what can she see that others overlook?

My Review

What was it all about

A omnipresent maid of a 5-star boutique hotel, found herself at the crux of murder investigation of an influential guest, where she soon became the prime suspect. Only with the unexpected help of some good friends, did Molly the maid escape prison. 

How it made me feel

Absolutely wonderful. I was excited, thrilled, a tingle of eagerness to know Molly. She was different, who didn’t know how to read facial expressions or body languages, who was teased and called names like mutant, freak, robot, etc. She endeared herself to me and jumped into the chambers of my heart right at the beginning of the book. 

I wanted to envelop her in my arms when she spoke oh so factually. She was certainly one of a kind. Socially distant, she trusted the wrong people. I so wanted to tell her to be careful. She evoked all my protective senses. 

Missing her gran was she, I too shed a tear to know how much she loved her and how loved was she. And yes, her tiny home was much cleaner than mine. 

The Good

The writing was brilliant, easy to read and listen to, even the audiobook was a joy. The narrator did a spot-on job with Molly’s expressions. The pitch of the voice was so perfect. I was obsessed with this book.

The author’s mind who thought of such a plot, a cozy mystery, more like a closed-room murder, but with a main character who was different from the rest. She stood out tall and proud. I LOVED HER. 

The book should be made into a series, according to me, as I can read or listen to Molly’s words forever. 

The Bad

The book did dip in its tension slightly in the second half, but that was negligible. 

I could guess one of Molly’s secrets, though that was a tiny part of the story. 

The Conclusion

You’ve got to read this. No two ways. Molly the maid was simply fantastic. And hats off to the author Nita Prose for thinking of such a character and etching her so lovingly. 

Now it is apparently being made into a movie. The author deserves all the success and accolades coming her way. 

I loved it

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Book Details

Publication Date: January 2022

I downloaded the digital version of the book from an online retail, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

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