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My review

People who know me, know this fact about me I ain’t no biker babe.

It’s been years since I have read a MC romance, a rough n tough biker and his old woman. But something about the author Alivia Grayson’s post on Facebook, the kind and matter-of-factly way she had announced her book, got me. Kindness always gets me.

So without much ado, I got me some biker hunk, Tank and his babe Nova and went on a roller coaster, sexy ride with them. (Duh! This is a biker story with hot rides, pun intended).

The story goes thus, Nova comes to find her father, the head of Snakes Henchmen MC, and finds the love of her life in Tank and a family with the club. But she has a couple of secrets which may be a deal breaker for most men. Is Tank one of them or is he a man with the heart of gold??

This is Alivia Grayson’s debut, and it was a roaring read from start to finish. I liked the way the author has developed Nova’s fighting spirit, a woman who has been kicked and broken down, yet comes up like a volcano, ready to sear the ones who have tortured her and to protect her loved ones. Her brand of justice is fiery and final. A woman who can kick ass like no other man!!

It was also nice to see Nova’s softer side, especially when she deals with her family and the two special ones who have stolen her heart. And what can I say about Tank, a love’em-leave’em kinda guy, whose heart kick-starts when Nova enters the Club and never stops beating irregularly. Love does that!!

Alivia, in her story, has made her characters real, by making them not so perfect. Nova has trust issues, Tank has his own need to protect his woman. And these two clash!! And boy, do they clash!! Not only with words, but with action. Their love making is seeiously hot, sensuous, sexy, all rolled into one.

There were few niggles; a little more detail about the background of all the characters and better development of emotions in the story would have made this a perfect read for me. Also, the story is written in first person, which may offset some readers.

Nonetheless, I read this in one sitting, and enjoyed it thoroughly. An excellent way to spend a lazy morning. A good debut by Alivia Grayson!!

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author

Alivia Grayson is an author of bad boy romances. As a deaf author, she has had to overcome the stigma that she couldn’t do all the things a hearing person could. Originally from London, England, Alivia is a teacher of history, a tattoo artist, and an author. With a busy life, writing is her getaway from it all. This is her debut novel.

Book blurb


The Snakes Henchmen MC run a tight ship. We live by rules that are older than most of our members. Don’t hurt your woman or kids. Protect the innocent, take out the filth of the world. Our business is our own, we don’t need outside help from anyone. Ever!
Another rule is that you don’t go after the Prez’s daughter by pain of death. That’s fine by me, Willow is like a sister to me. But I didn’t bank on little Miss Nova returning after fifteen years. I didn’t bank on her stealing my heart. But now I have her, I’ll do anything to keep her.
No matter what it takes.

Fifteen years I have longed to find the father my mother said was dead. When she finally gave up the truth, I knew I had to seek him out. My big brother too. I didn’t bank on finding four extra siblings and a stepmom.

I also didn’t bank on the giant of a man that has my panties in a twist every time I look at him. Tank is everything I swore I never wanted but everything I seem to need.

He says he loves me, but how can he love a woman he’ll never really know?

Because the secret I hide from Tank and the Snakes Henchmen is one I must take to the grave.

Product Details

Publication date : 30th April, 2018

Publisher : Self

Language : English

Available on Amazon

Romancing the biker

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