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Love is always sweet... Whether it is the first time in senior year of school or it is a second chance love after many years.

Such is the love which shows a glimpse first as attraction between Jessica, the owner of a not so happening diner in the town of Parker Falls, and Chase, the professional baseball player, who is kind of down on his luck due to one lousy game. Soon the attraction becomes a warm, deep-seated love between the two, as the pages move forward.

Jessica also has a son from a previous marriage and it is heart warming to see Chase interact with him. A world famous baseball player interacting with a child and loving him as his own, in real life or in the literary life, is always heart melting. And Cassidy Carter’s words also do the same.

The book does follow the formula for writing love stories, but what touched me and made me so happy, is the unpretentious way the prose read. It is a feel good romantic story, and that is what it reads as. The theme is the same: follow the dreams, but the book shows, as life moves on, dreams change, people change, their needs change, their priorities change, but love and respect does not.

I liked how the author Cassidy Carter, has written this love, like a gentle breeze, enveloping the two main characters, weaving its way into the heart slowly and carefully. This was a warm read, where love is the focus, and goodness of heart is the norm. I loved the laughter and the warmth this book exuded. And that made this a wonderful Sunday afternoon read.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Hallmark Publishing, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 5 stars

Book blurb

In the small town of Parker Falls, Jessica Parker spends her time serving pie and coming up with ideas to save the failing diner she inherited from her grandfather. A single mom to eight-year-old Wesley, she has enough to keep her busy well into the future. But when her old high school love, Chase Taynor, unexpectedly pops up, Jess finds herself thinking not of the future but of her past with the handsome professional baseball player.

After a few bad pitches leave his dream career in limbo, Chase slides back home to Parker Falls…although the town may not be as safe as he’d expected. As Jess and Chase reconnect, old feelings return in a major-league way.

With the possibility that Chase could return to the baseball diamond at any time, will their reunion be worth the risk to their hearts? Or will it be déjà vu all over again, with Chase choosing the limelight over the woman he loved before the fame?

Product Details

Publication date : 27th March, 2018

Publisher : Hallmark Publishing

Language : English

Available on Amazon

37 Responses

  1. Once again it makes me smile to read your words. I’m.trying to resurface, and your posts always feel like a helping hand in those attempts. Big big hugs to you my dear friend! Jo

    1. Jo, honey, I am so happy to see you on my post. It’s been so long. How are you darling?
      I hope things are okay at your end of the world. Lots of love and big big hugs to you

      1. No dramatic updates my way. Just busy with other stuff, and that has kept me off the computer (off the non-work computer I should say). What about you honey??? How is all in your world?

        1. Just got up from a month long flu, viral fever and strep throat… Man, that was gruelling with lots and lots of meds. But hopefully I am on the mend.
          I am glad you are busy, but without the MOJO humor, our lives seem empty. At least mine does. OK that’s all me, done with complaining.
          I am glad you are taking your time in the real world. I know life and family are more important and especially kids. So I am happy if you are happy.

          1. I am so sorry that you were sick again!!! Your poor bod has been beat up too much over the past few months! I hope that you are all better now lovebug. It took me a couple months to recover after I the flu had ravaged our crew over the holidays. I was stunned at how badly it hit us and even moreso at how long it took to get to full recovery. Please take care of yourself my friend. You deserve a break!

          1. Oh I understand that…. Go online buy something. It will feel good. I was not well for so long. I was so down, to counter went and bought coloring book and pens and other stationery. Haha it cheered me up.

          2. Jay, I get extremely exhausted, I came back home and I was kind of dead to the world with exhaustion. Just got. up. I think it would take me a couple of months to be completely okay.

          3. To make you feel okay, lots of hugs. I rarely hug anyone but apparently when I do, I give a warm hug.😊😊 how’s that for self appreciation!! Hehe

    1. It’s a cute book, no angst, not much drama, just a feel good book. Sometimes these books are needed to remind us of goodness. Maybe the world is a tough place, but there is no harm in dreaming….

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