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Since I am told I am of a certain age (pretty sure it means elderly) and of a certain status (pretty sure it was derogatory), I decided to make fun of these words. I decided to add the memories and subtract the insults which was indicated.

Throughout this year, I want to explore, explore my memories, explore my thoughts, explore my views, explore parts of my life which I have forgotten. The brain has a tendency to remember the bad parts and forget the good. I want to rattle this brain of mine, go deep down its lanes, to the happy memories, some nostalgic ones (I really don’t do nostalgia) and see what falls out, to become words.

These are my personal thoughts, my personal words, and parts of my life. They have nothing to do with the rules of the society or the world. So here I go, baring my soul, searching the by lanes, hoping I find those gold nuggets, which have been hidden for so long. 

Join me on this journey, read if you want to, comment if it triggers your memories. Do not insult or be derogatory. That comment will never be acknowledged. This is for all of us who have lived our life on earth, wearing the scars of life with pride. 

Thank you

Till laters… Adieu. 

42 Responses

    1. Thank you, Ben. I have no idea when and what would come out from my heart and mind… But let’s see. I need to know ‘me’ more

  1. Don’t let those awful words get to you, Shalini (ugh. horribly stereotypical)! You’re only as old as you feel. And I would love to hear your more of your thoughts!😀😁

    1. Haha I know, there are few people like you who are willing to see the world. And some who never will see the broader world.
      Basically, this is a catharsis for me to see what is hiding in my thoughts and memories… 😇
      Thank you so much, Shreya. It is really nice to hear your encouraging words. It feels so good. Believe me, made my evening

  2. Interesting that you view “of a certain age” to mean elderly. I’ve been told that before but I didn’t interpret as elderly; more of I’m at an age where I should have basic common sense or I’m at an age that’s perfect to start a family. Stuff like that. Interested in seeing your future thoughts and sharing opinions 🙂

    1. Haha I was told that I am of a certain age which to him/her is elderly. Thus is a direct quote by these bloggers. I am proud of my age. I honestly didn’t think I would live so long with health problems. So I just realised all that when I saw my reports while cleaning cupboards. So believe me, I am damn proud of my age. I have survived and lived..

      1. Obviously they have a very different interpretation of elderly. I feel like 75+ is elderly. Maybe next time they tell you that, you ask them what age they consider elderly? Now if it’s just the singular “elder” then that’s different cause I now people say elder as anyone older than them as a sign of respect.

        1. Nel, I agree to all this. But when the words are mocking, I don’t appreciate. Instead of being negative about being elderly, I decided to find the positive in my experiences.
          I consider 80 years with diseases old or 85 + as old. Everyone else is young

          1. I agree but I do have to ask, how can you tell the words are mocking without asking the person directly if they’re insulting you? Unless you have asked then that person is definitely rude.

          2. Nel, people give off vibes, and one does know how they write those words.
            For example, when you write, there is so much positivity. That it wonderful to converse with you. I know where you are coming from in your comments. But there are few who give off vibes which are a bit weird. So I stay away from such. This is the best I can explain. It is part of intuition. Or maybe I am used to seeing hypocrisy in real life that now I am able to pick up vibes.
            Some people give them
            There are a few who can hide these “off” vibes pretty well also

          3. I see. I was just curious because I’m sure you can tell that I’m a straight forward type of person so if I feel like someone is giving me strange vibes or rude vibes, I’m gonna directly ask them about it, haha. I’m glad you think I’m positive. I definitely try to be as much as possible :). Like I said, looking forward to more of your posts because they are just always so thought provoking!

          4. I have no idea how these vibes work. But it’s about mutual respect. And if you disagree about some topic with me, I know you are coming from a place of friendship.
            Some don’t, some just want to put you down. I have met some of them in the blogging world. And of course, in real life.
            With me, you have been nice, kind very gracious. It’s by your comments on James J Cudney IV ‘s posts that I know how you are. And your straight forwardness. I have always felt you are very kind and sweet

          5. I totally understand what you mean. You are positive and sweet yourself! I love that you’re not afraid to discuss the hard topics especially through your own experiences. 🙂

          6. It is difficult to go back and read some of my posts. I am sometimes shocked that I can write. I am learning new things about myself. I spent so many years being clinical. Now I am getting to know parts of me.
            Whenever you tell me, that I made you think, it leaves me surprised.. That I can make someone think especially you, who is extremely forth right and is sure about her facts.
            When you write a comment, I am always eager to know, what you thought about that particular post. Your words make a difference to me.
            In fact, I am in awe of your clear thoughts… I feel muddled most days

          7. Wow! Thats a big compliment about me. I honestly think you’re more clear headed than you give yourself credit for and it truly shines in your blog posts so I’m merely stating fact. 🙂 I like to really think about philosophical posts when I read them. Skimming them is just not an option especially when you can tell a lot of heart went into the piece. <3

          8. Thank you Nel. No wonder I always look forward to your words.
            Something I realised right now, it is good to be nice and it is better if your niceness can bring the same quality out in others. When you talk, I feel that. You bring out the niceness in me. Thank you for that

    1. I understand, but that can happen with anyone. Nowadays, I have seen things happening with the younger lot, which used to be part of the older generation.
      Also I do understand medical conditions, but barring that, for me a human is important, whatever be the age. And I would like to converse with every one with respect

  3. Well, judging from your picture you’re anything but elderly! But, I understand reflecting back in memories you may think you’ve lost. The mind is a wild contraption that captures things in snapshots of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and can forever change your life.

    1. I agree.. That’s exactly what I wanted to do.. See what comes out of my memories…
      I read a book which says brain retains bad memories, hurtful words more than the good ones. This line affected me, got me to thinking. What kind of memories do I have? What do I remember and what do I want?
      Let’s see what happens…
      Thank you so much
      For the compliment😉
      For reading my post
      For understanding it perfectly
      And it is a pleasure to meet you..

    1. Hey, Sri… Looking good on the dp. Thank you… You have been one of my supports from day 1. Sometimes, I feel your words are the trigger which caused me to go beyond myself and look deep. But I have to confess, somedays I don’t want to look.

      1. Thank you for the compliment, I am lucky I guess to have met you here, I support you because you are a moral person, which I like, you don’t hide your words whenever you write, that’s pretty impressive….I am happy, I helped in any way to get you in touch with your emotions, and help you fight those awful memories….and be brave and move ahead of them.

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