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My review

I liked the brilliance of the plot. I like the convoluted roadway to the identity. I liked the anger and suspense of the situation. I liked the helplessness and fear of the main character. I liked the moral dilemma which the concept threw out.

Laura goes home with a man wearing a pink shirt after a night of drinks, enjoys the love making the whole night, till the next day morning shows a blue shirt on the floor.

Why is the color of shirt significant?

Laura has face blindness, prosopagnosia, and now she has no idea whom she spent the night with.

Was it rape?

She did enjoy her time with him, but he was not whom she wanted to be with. The mind and body said it was abuse. It was trickery. It was taking advantage. It was someone knowing her condition and making use of that knowledge to get his way.

Was it rape?

This was my first book by Emma Curtis, and I loved the way the main character struggled with her condition, the fear she felt knowing it was one of her colleagues at work who raped her and was now threatening her.

How was anyone to cope with such a condition where you didn’t remember anything about the rapist? And would the cops believe it to be rape?

Everything was a jigsaw puzzle for Laura, and it was nothing short of a herculean task to make them fit or even to know how to make them fit. Laura trying to maintain her mental balance with work, the harassment notes, the new work project, trying to identify the colleagues by their desks/cubicles/hair style/clothes, and FINDING OUT WHO RAPED HER!!

The last 30% went on a different track with everyone losing their sanity. Too many things happened at once. From rape to kidnapping to torture to peeing in the diaper to attempted murder to madness and mayhem!!

The author did bring the reader back to the main plot with the ending, which was great.

A lovely way to spend the Monday morning!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 3.5 stars

About the Author

Emma Curtis was born in Brighton and now lives in London with her husband. After raising two children and working various jobs, her fascination with the darker side of domestic life inspired her to write her acclaimed debut novel, One Little Mistake. When I Find You is her second thriller.

Book blurb

When Laura wakes up after her office Christmas party and sees a man’s shirt on the floor, she is horrified. But this is no ordinary one-night-stand regret.

Laura suffers from severe face-blindness, a condition that means she is completely unable to identify and remember faces. So the man she spent all night dancing with and kissing – the man she thought she’d brought home – was ‘Pink Shirt’.

But the shirt on her floor is blue.

And now Laura must go to work every day, and face the man who took advantage of her condition. The man she has no way of recognising.

She doesn’t know who he is . . . but she’ll make him pay.

Product Details

Publication date : 1st July 2018

Publisher : Random House Transworld

A moral dilemma

78 Responses

  1. I like to read something different sometimes 🙂 Even if it’s not the very best 5* read when observing its other aspects. Thank you for your review! 🙂

  2. Wow, prosopagnosia is coming up a lot in books lately!! Super random… It’s not something you really heard about and this is suddenly the 2nd or 3rd book I’ve seen reviews on in about a month with a plot like this. 😕

          1. We need all books with same concept and the authors and their relationships over Twitter Facebook and the publishers and their interlink… To break open this nexus

          2. Research has to be on the net… You do know what happens when you are on the net, right? You break yours and you break mine.. Funny thing eh??

          3. Hahahaha this was so damn funny… Really?? You didn’t get a self mailed message… Were you in that constant circle?

        1. HIIIII!!! Lol
          Trying to keep up with everything. sigh. It’s a task. Tried to got o bed early last night but ended up in the middle of the great gun debate with the 7 and 5 year olds 🙈

          1. They were debating their right to carry large nerf guns to camp. I was invoking my parental veto on that. Those kids should be lawyers. I never heard so many excused all created at once… some real half arsed ones too. Lol

          2. Wow… They probably will become in the near future…
            And why weren’t they in bed before you?
            You must have laughed your guts out… You must write a post on it… So that we also get to know their debate and your expressions

          3. Hahaha. I was in bed. They went to bed. I got up to have some water. Saw two giant guns on the dining table. Asked my husband if those were the ones to pack up and was told nope, they were the ones they were planning to take. I got their behinds out of bed… and the debate began…

          4. Realising I was right then backtracking. LOL
            In fairness to him, he’d agreed that they could take the big guns in the hope that they’d lose them there and we wouldn’t have to keep them at home! Lol.

          1. I am assuming the proper nouns are places…
            Beer? Again? Aren’t your blood vessels still having high levels of alcohol?

          2. Yayy go Nicole!!! What about that hair of dog therapy?
            Something to do with raw egg etc.
            Also drink water and pee lots… Alcohol gone no hangover and a paracetamol

        1. Haha. Yes I am. I must remember though, when trying to catch up on bloghopping… do NOT start with Jay, Nicole and Shalini…. I can spend my whole time just with you guys. Lol.

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