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I wrote this poem suddenly as a comment on Amitav Chowdhury‘s blog and he was so kind to make it as a post, give it a title and publish it on his blog. Thank you so much Amitav for this honor.

This friendship has been destined or it so feels… He writes poems, he is a deep thinker, and his views on life and philosophy are amazing. But he then goes and writes some poems, some words, which I just need to hear… I don’t know how or why. I call it the kismet or the destiny.. He calls it the… I don’t know what he calls it.. But I think some things just have to be….

Some days, some wicked thoughts…
Reigning them in, is the only way
Some days, some wicked thoughts
Holding them close, keeps them at bay
Some days, some wicked thoughts
Though they go far to make my day
Some days, some wicked thoughts
Like a witch’s cackle, they started in May
Some days, some wicked thoughts
Lest they boil, I have to put them to lay
Some days, some wicked thoughts
Though they want, I say nay
Some days, some wicked thoughts
I want to make someone pay
Some days, some wicked thoughts
I want the freedom for the words to say
Some days, some wicked thoughts
Holding them in, is the only way…

47 Responses

  1. Nice poem, Shalini! I like how it seems to flip back and forth between the evilness of the thoughts and the determination to hold them in… like the battle one fights when one tries to keep such thoughts at bay!

    1. Thanks Robbie… I was very sad, wanted revenge but at the same time, I know revenge takes a part of soul. You saw through the truth.. 😊

    1. Hey these are my words… Amitav gave the title…. He too wanted me to let it all out.. And I did in his comments section as poems… Hahaha sometimes I am a poet

        1. Hahaha you are the catalyst baby…. You like me wicked….
          But I strictly maintain I am the innocent one even though I am protesting too much hehe 😂😂

  2. Ahem. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry. Haha. Boohoo. Seriously, Shalini. You’re too kind. And still a very talented poet. Don’t you know a man as dark and fierce as Tony couldn’t die permanently? 🙂

    1. Those few minutes, my darling, I died…. Ready to throw my laptop Hahaha thank god I didn’t… But I have to admit I did scream…

  3. You are indeed a true poet, Shalini. Love the flow and rhythm of the words. Sometimes it’s nice to just let all those wicked thoughts out! Well done. 🙂

    1. Leslie…. Thank you so much
      Here’s one for you
      The Sweetest of all, the queen bee
      She is one and only Leslie
      She writes books action and romance
      She puts the readers into trance
      Then she does something wicked
      Knowing I would kick the bucket
      When sullen man died, I died
      He woke up and I survived…

      I know what you did Leslie😉😉😘😘

  4. ❤️💜💕
    Beautiful yet again. A wonderful eloquent expression of feelings that can sometimes be so ugly.

    Of course…if you ever do need to get the wicked thoughts out, just call Nicole. She’ll help you cover up after, I’m sure 😉😀

  5. Shalini, now I can’t even think. Erm… Thank you for the lovely introduction here. Somethings are better understood when they remain unexplained. It’s quite a paradox. I was all LOL when I read the last line “He calls it the… I don’t know what he calls it..” I am happy to see your poetic side; such a graceful way to express the feelings. Destiny knows better I think. I am sure your friends here are enjoying reading the wonderful composition.

    1. Hey Amitav, I wrote what was in my heart and mind. You were the catalyst on that day…. The introduction came automatically. I am glad you liked it. I was a bit hesitant about it, if I have written enough about you.
      But I am happy I could do a good job. Thank you for being there with me. God sent.

    1. I understand. I am reigning mine in as revenge is bad for the soul.
      Check your spam folder on WP. My comments are there I think on your last post

      1. Same! That’s the best time to let it out! 💙 I used to write a lot, but I find I need to be in a certain mood to get that part of my creativity flowing now.

        1. Oh you get me totally. I also need that mood… I have 3 book reviews to write… But no words to express. I am word blocked hehehe 😂💜

          1. Hahaha, I hear you! If I write when I’m not in that mood, I repeat myself a lot and it comes out a mess that doesn’t get posted. Ahhh the writers/blogger life, right? 😂😂💙💙

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