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To the most awesome person on this earth along with Nina


Did I go overboard and can you see a theme happening in the pics?

Love you lots, Nicole honey… Have a blast!!

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  1. Thank you, wifey!!… I don’t notice a theme at all…. Maybe, birthday’s? 😅🤔😉 Have I told you today that I love you?? Well, I haven’t today for ME, at least!! Love you lots too, darlin!! 💖💖😙😳

    1. Tiana, I need to follow you on twitter and Instagram. I know it is totally unrelated. But I was on your website yesterday trying to follow you when the phone hung up on me…
      Thank you ❤️💜😘

  2. Happy Birthday to my favourite alcoholic bookworm!!!! Hmm… I wonder just how long my list of alcoholic bookworms actually is…. 🤔🤔🤔
    Hope you have a wonderful day. I noticed it was already off to a good start. Send some of that mimosa my way!

  3. Aww…this was just the sweetest post ever: and I could not agree with you more! 😊😊 Really wondering about the theme that is happening in the pics though….🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂

      1. Haha I am? Me? 🤔🤔 Naw…I think that is totally you 😂😂 But….you are right…I am never good at deciphering these things 🤔🤔
        (I did tell you that I am the King of sarcasm right? 😂😂).

        1. Oh yes… Hence I decided to tell it straight… Nicole are we going glug glug glug 🍻🍻 OK you are glugging, I am sticking to a cola🙄😉😂
          Michel when you and Nicole go on about being robots, or having robots or making robots, I realize you guys are in different stratosphere.

          BTW, how’s the girl search going on? Did Nicole fix you up with someone? Gotcha 😉😉😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

          1. Lol…I’m sticking to Cola as well! And I have always felt that I am living on a totally different plane of existence anyway 😂😂
            Nope…still haven’t been fixed up with someone…😭😭 Lol 😂😂

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