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A Capacity for Falling in Love - He loves her first now

Digital Reads Reviews is a blog-haven for book posts and reviews. This is a review of contemporary romance by Carrie Clarke - A Capacity for Falling in Love.
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A Capacity for falling in love

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A Capacity for Falling in Love 

He’s never been anyone’s knight in shining armour, but when Benedict finds Rosanna in need of rescue, he can’t help but step in.


It’s no fun finding out your boyfriend is cheating. And when he works for your father, well, it’s complicated. Throw in a bit of blackmail and it’s lucky Ben is around to help. But the last thing I need is a teeny-tiny crush on my rescuer.

I knew the minute I laid eyes on Rosanna she was the one for me. Also knew there was something fishy about her boyfriend. I’m happy to help her kick him to the curb. And not because I want her for myself. Honest. It’s the right thing to do.


If Rosanna’s not careful she could find herself caught up in a marriage of convenience with her controlling ex-boyfriend. Ben can’t let that happen, even if it means coming clean to his family about what he’s really been up to all these years. And if he manages to win the girl in the process, he wouldn’t be at all sorry.

I liked it

Publication Date: November 20, 2023

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My Review

What was A Capacity for Falling in Love all about

A Capacity for Falling in Love by Carrie Clarke was a contemporary romance, that could be read as a standalone, despite being part of a trio. The other characters did peep into this book, but they didn’t have much of a role to play, neither did the author make their stories the focal point. 

Ben loved Ros since the first day he saw her. But she was with Marco who was an utter louse. When she found out about Marco’s infidelity, it was Ben’s shoulder and his brains that helped her escape. 

But a louse survived in any conditions, and so did Marco. Now it was Ros’s turn to be threatened and up to Ben to save his lady love. 

The Hook

Trigger Warnings: none 

Ben’s conviction and the trust he placed on Ros, even when circumstances and pictures and her words could have made him go off her. He stood steady beside her. And he was willing to do anything for her. 

Having read all of Carrie Clarke’s books, I found Book 1 to be good, Book 2 to be excellent, and this book was somewhere in the middle.  

The Characters of A Capacity for Falling in Love

I liked them. Ben was sweeter of the two. The author did an awesome job in etching the two. 

Few points that I found to be modern and worth the appreciation in A Capacity for Falling in Love. 

Ros was clever. She could put the clues together and come up with a far clear picture where Ben was concerned. 

Even with the pseudo-third act breakup, which I was glad the author didn’t go through, the communication and bond between Ben and Ros were kept strong. 

Ms. Clarke traveled the shaky ledge of showing her to be damsel in distress for a moment or two, but then made Ros think for herself. 

Because the oft-tread paths of romance were not taken, I found the book quite interesting. 

Friends and family made for the interweaving threads of bond the two shared, and I found my heart warming at that aspect. 

The Intricacies

A girl. Her boyfriend. A wannabe boyfriend who had always loved her.

Girl’s friends. Boy’s friends. Both overlapped. 

Her current boyfriend became ex, but he refused to become ex and soon became a blackmailer. 

Ben and his comrades came together, Ros and her friends put their heads together, and both parties melded to do away with the ex. 

The intricacies of the plot line along with the author’s research were seen in the second half when Ben had to extricate Ros from a dangerous situation using the laws of the land and the help of all his associates. 

The Setting

This could be all on me, but Ros took an off from work, but I didn’t know what work she did. She was said to be a designer at one point, but I didn’t know if she worked for a fashion house or not. If I got to know about his work in detail, I felt her work too could have gotten more pages in the book. 

The Pace

Very steady in all its chapters. There were moments I wanted the confrontations to come faster, but that was because I was a thriller reader at heart, so I would always want galloping pace. Such a pace was not for romance books. My favorite scene was when she stood up for herself. 

The style of writing - The Prose

The story was well written, quite detailed, not missing any of minor subtexts of the plot line. It was cutesy and fun and even the parts where she stood up for herself was endearing. 

But it was not glorious. I did not find myself basking in the thrill when she found her voice and faced her bully. The sound of the slap that she gave Marco did not find its way into the atmosphere of the book. Emotions of lust and love were written but not embedded into the words. I wanted the lines to evoke my own feelings. 

This was a love story I enjoyed, but it didn’t speak to my heart. And after having read book 2, I knew the author was far more capable than this. The craft of writing was shown, but the sheer talent of storytelling and taking me to Australia, where this book was set, was missing. 

How A Capacity for Falling in Love made me feel

I would say I liked the book. But I didn’t live the book. I would always read this author’s books since I know she had far more talent in her, and I craved that one day she would pull me so deep into her book that I would not want to escape its pages for days. 

Hope springs eternal. 

Flat lay of the book A capacity for falling in love on kindle along with a paperback on bed for instagram

Do I recommend A Capacity for Falling in Love?

Yes. Of course. Why would you not want to? It was a fun romance novel where both main characters overcame obstacles to spend their lives with each other. Along with strong bonds with friends and family.

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I downloaded the digital version of the book from an online retail, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

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