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The Christmas Book Club - Read this Cozy Story Now by Sarah Morgan

Digital Reads Reviews is a blog-haven for book posts and reviews. This is a review of a cozy women's fiction by Sarah Morgan, The Christmas Book Club.
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The Christmas Book Club

Every year, Erica, Claudia, and Anna reunite for their book club holiday. They’re bonded by years of friendship and a deep love of books, but there is still so much they keep from each other . . .

At the cosy Maple Sugar Inn, Hattie specialises in making her guests’ dreams come true, but this Christmas all she wants is to survive the festive season. Between running the inn and being a single mother, Hattie is close to breaking point.

Over the course of an eventful week, Hattie sees that the friends are each carrying around unspoken truths, but nothing prepares her for how deeply her story will become entwined in theirs. Will this Christmas be the end of the book club’s story or the start of a whole new chapter?

Publication Date: September 2023

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My Review

What was The Christmas Book Club all about

The Christmas Book Club by Sarah Morgan was a contemporary, women’s fiction that kept me rooted in my place until I finished the book. The characters had their own set of problems, but you could see the warmth they shared with each other. 

A standalone, the book carried oodles of emotions in its pages, just waiting for me to bask myself in them. 

Three best friends, who had formed a book club while in college, met up each year to read a book together. Of course, they were in each other’s lives via texts and mails and other momentous occasions, but to read a book, they took a short vacation each year. 

This time, The Maple Sugar Inn was the intended spot, but there was a secret hidden in choosing this place. Read the book to find that out…

The Hook

Trigger Warnings: Nothing. This is a Christmas book. Time to be happy and jolly. 

The art of writing a perfect cozy women’s fiction while allowing the emotions to silently seep through could be done only by Sarah Morgan. She was one of my favorites along with Susan Mallery. 

The Characters of The Christmas Book Club

You wouldn’t believe this. But I wanted the book to be longer and wanted to keep reading about the lives of these characters. 


Erica was a busy executive in life who was a troubleshooter for companies. But she had a past that was excruciatingly painful whose effects could be seen even in the present time. 

Claudia was the burnt-out chef, who needed the right trigger to fall in love with food and cooking. The reminder of her louse of a husband was one thing she could do without. 

Anna was the stay at home mother, who was soon going to face the prospect of empty nest syndrome. 


A single mom whose attention was needed in hundreds of different things, but who wanted the focus of one man. Would Christmas and the arrival of these best friends fulfill her wishes? You gotta read the book to know that…

The Intricacies

All the characters were going through the different cross-roads of life, where they needed to find their destination soon. The author managed to weave the subplots with emotions making the book a charm to read.

I liked how the ladies interacted with each other sometimes with hard truths but always with love. The whole book was enveloped with festive mood showing me their old friendships and budding relationships.

The Setting and Pace of The Christmas Book Club

I love how the love of Christmas was embedded in the story, with even a bookshop and a library filled with books. Not only that there were delicacies cooked and a sweet kid along with her ever protective fur baby. 

I would have loved if the entire town could have been described a bit more. I would have loved to live there the whole year around. It was that good. I needed the cheer this book contained. 

I loved how each chapter made me get to the next one, so I would say the pace was spot-on. 

The style of writing - The Christmas Book Club

Sarah Morgan has been my favorite author since I first started reading her books years ago. I love her writing so much that each book is a joy to read. And this book too didn’t fail me in her style of writing.

There were many who felt angst was missing in the latter half. But I loved that the book concentrated more on healing and forming bonds- the true meaning of Christmas.

How it made me feel

I felt like how Christmas felt. All the warm feelings swirling inside me. Hope built up in every cell of my body. It felt some books definitely added an extra cheer, and this was one of them. How could I not have loved this book?

paperback book on bed with candle and flower

Do I recommend The Christmas Book Club?

Yes. Absolutely. Sarah Morgan is a terrific author whose books were known to leave the heart warm and melting. And why wouldn’t you want such a book? Besides…duh… Dudes and dudettes, it was about a Book Club and the characters read books. Like us…

Read it during the Christmas week. You would surely enjoy it.

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I got the paperback version of the book from my friend, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

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  1. Well, it certainly sounded good, great review, and I jumped on my library app. Lots of Morgan ebooks and audiobooks, but not this one? Still, other Christmas theme books–all to place a hold. So I chose one–and did.

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