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Snowbound - From One Night Love to Finding Life

Digital Reads Reviews is a blog-haven for book posts and reviews. This is a review of a contemporary romance bu Emmanuelle Snow, Snowbound.
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I met Anderson Ford four years ago when we spent a night together stranded in an airport due to a blizzard, the night before Christmas Eve. We shared more than just our hopes and dreams that night, we shared our souls.

The only thing we didn’t share was our full names.
He was Andy, and I was Abby.

Now I’m older and wiser, and I’ve come a long way since that night. And I’m finally ready to aim for what I desire the most in life.
The only thing I haven’t taken into account is my heart factor when I bump into the man who stole my heart all those years ago.

Will we be able to pick up from where we left things that night, or will the secret I’ve been keeping to myself all this time ruin our chances to be together?

I liked it

Publication Date: November, 2023

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My Review

What was Snowbound all about

Snowbound by Emmanuelle Snow was an emotional read that emptied my heart when life brought these soulmates together, then took them on separate paths, yet never forgetting each other. 

One night, while being stranded in an airport, was all it took for Abby to break open the walls around Andy’s heart and for them to live as if there was no tomorrow. 

They brought out the best in each other while forging a bond that would unknowingly last them a lifetime. But therein lay a twist. They wanted one perfect night without reality intruding and never exchanged contact details, knowing their lives were on different journeys. 

But life threw a curveball for both, more for Abby, and if she ever regretted anything in life, it was this. The lack of details. 

This was book 1 of a duet, contemporary romance, which ended in a cliffhanger. That was a bummer, but the journey written was so heart-wrenchingly sweet you could almost overlook that. 

The Hook

Trigger Warnings: none unless you considered cliffhanger a big one. I did. I wanted book 2 immediately. 

The style of writing hooked me to the story where each word was poignant and held a wealth of emotions in its depth. I loved the Abby chapters slightly more, as her strength shone through even her despair. 

Years ago, this book was a novella in an anthology, and I felt in love with Abby and Andy, and now with the author expanding on the story, it was the best way to bring Christmas in November. 

The Characters of Snowbound

I liked both Abby and Andy in Snowbound, but could I have a favorite, pretty please, in this book? Then it was Abby who danced in the chambers of my heart. The way the author put her through the wringer, where she had to salvage her courage from the shattered remains of her life, made me love her a bit more. 

With mean parents, and no support from anyone other than her best friend, it was simply awesome to see Abby rising from the ashes of her life. But it didn’t end there. Life, and the author, threw those awful punches almost constantly, and I had to admit I cried with her. Kudos to Ms. Snow for her honest portrayal of reality. 

Oh, Alexei. I fell in love with him almost immediately.

Ah yes, you gotta read the book to know who Alexei was. 

Andy too was etched carefully, where the author did make his life difficult by throwing in some secrets of the past and making him flounder for almost a year or two. But being a woman, my heart was more inclined toward Abby. She shone in this book, and I couldn’t stop the avalanche of emotions that were evoked in me. 

The Intricacies

A romance this book was, but not formulaic. The author was pretty clear right at the beginning what this story was about to be. Life and love enmeshed in each other that would take the readers on a ride, where they could identify with both the characters. 

Some of dialogues in Snowbound caused my hair to stand on end, as they were that powerful. Gripping moments that made me sigh while wanting to soothe Abby’s pain made reading the book in one go so worth it. Though love was the core of this book, the story was so much more. The themes of life had never before been reflected so well in any romance book. From fun to serious, from flirt to strength, the writing showed a gamut of emotions. 

The only factor that made me feel impatient was when the book ended in – wish I knew. And I had to reiterate – wish I already knew what happened next. 

The Setting and The Pace

Realistic was the setting of the book where I could see exactly where Abby and Andy were on their different paths. I loved the steady pace that kept the momentum going, and pulse spikes that some of the scenes brought in me. 

The style of writing - Snowbound

Emotions. More Emotions. And still more Emotions. Those were the forte of this author, and this book was wrapped completely in them. Don’t miss the scenes of Abby with her parents. Those were a masterpiece. There were times, I wanted to pluck Abby from that situation and hug her tight and protect her. 

Then came the different twists that bumped her college life, and Abby was shown to be standing tall, even when she was shattered. There were moments when she was living where she never thought she would, and I felt her pain keenly. 

The style of writing in Snowbound was convincing, and I loved that the author gave her characters a distinct voice, making this story a compelling read. You couldn’t stop reading even when life called you with its responsibilities. 

How the book Snowbound made me feel

Honestly? My first thought was Abby and what would come her way in book 2 and I so desperately wanted to know that. I could blame Ms. Snow for making me cry, but how could I when she had shown exactly what women went through in such circumstances? 

Smile…laughter…tears…desperation…rough sighs…determination…fear…courage…so many of expressions crossed my face when I read the book. Based on this book, I would always be Abby’s gal unless Book 2 made me Andy’s girl. 

I dare the author to do that, if she ever got to read this review. 

Do I recommend Snowbound?

Yes. I would recommend every book of this author, especially to readers who loved emotions. And there were a couple of steamy scenes, but they were just to show the attraction between the main characters, the rest of the book was an ocean of emotions. 

Though a romance, Snowbound was all about serendipity and love and feelings. And a bond that even life couldn’t fray. 

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I downloaded the digital version of the book from an online retail, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

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