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Do we need Linktree and other such apps?

Do We need linktree
Digital Reads Reviews is a blog-haven for book posts and tech tips. This is a discussion post if one should use LInktree and such other apps.

If you have been active on instagram as I have been, then you would know that insta allows only one URL as the landing site. So most of use Linktree and such other apps so that all our links could be collectively added to that one link. And our post would have the oft seen line – Link in bio – a lone call to action on Instagram. 

A point to be noted, Instagram now allows links to be placed in stories, so that is one good thing. But that also means that the followers would have to click your stories. That would mean a whole new post on Insta stories. 

So the whole premise of Linktree is interesting and helpful. 

But is that a good thing?

Read on…

What is Linktree all about?

Linktree is a one-link site that allows you to branch out and add other sites.

A site that would allow you to have a readymade landing page which, in its free version, is slightly less customizable. So it gives you the link with your own website name where your social media platforms and all your recent posts could be added so that your followers/readers could just click that link and reach your content. Which, I think, is a wonderful tool that would help us grow our social media.

This one link could be copy pasted in all chats and social media and emails and that would help in the widespread dispersement of your content. An easy access with a short url is a great way to grow your website or accounts. 

The pros

An easy way for your readers to click on the one link and follow you. 

The site is free but slightly less customizable unless you go for its PRO features. 

It is already made; you just have to add the links. Easy peasy

All your content and social media are in one place 

It doesn’t ask for Credit Card details while using  the pro features. 

The free version too allows you to see the stats. So it is superfun to know when the arrow is pointing up, that shows the content is getting clicked.

Amazon influencer and affiliate links could also be added. 

The cons

The free version has limits where everything cannot be customized to go with your brand. And the paid pro version is too expensive for me. 

This is a third party site so you never know when it would stop working.

Being the middle page between your link on instagram and content, there is no guarantee that your readers would click the content. So you might just lose some of their interest. 

Instagram in the past has marked linktree as spam and blocked the link. 

Being a third party site, I feel the control is gone. And the brand experience feels diluted. 

This got me thinking

I didn’t want to spend money on the paid version and I didn’t like the looks of it. I tried other such apps. None really stole my heart, though they did want my money in their paid version. 

I found my stats decreasing as most wouldn’t click beyond linktree. That was so not what I wanted. Not that I understand numbers very well, but I didn’t want to see the arrows pointing downwards. 

I felt that anyone in the third party was not driving the traffic to my website, vis-a-vis the arrows pointing downward. It was only creating an extra step for my followers and making life difficult. I wanted to promote my website on all social media.

It doesn’t have my brand’s URL which today is very important to me. I didn’t want to promote its logo on my social media account, as I felt I was promoting Linktree more than my own.


I am already paying for the website and its hosting and various other knickknacks.

So I decided to use the concept of routing my readers to one place, where all links could be put in place, and make my own on my website.

A landing page to show off links to my content, which would allow me customize it as I wanted to and have people landing on my website rather than a third party app. 

And voila...

Did you like this post? Found it informative? Let me know in comments.
What do you use on your Instagram and Twitter accounts?

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4 Responses

  1. I’ve seen Linktree here and there as I’ve read other blogs or surfed, but never investigated it. I was using Later for all my insta posts until just last week when Google got ahold of me and did a number on my social media. It took me most of the week to re-connect, but have not been able to do so with Later. I really liked Later, never really got into “stories” just not sophisticated enough nor the time to mess with it. So much for any of it now–since I can no longer get into it or schedule my Instagram posts and have to go into the site to post. Don’t like that as I can’t schedule, nor do I have access to frequently copy/paste favorite or most used tags. UGH! Hate re-inventing the wheel all the time!

    1. I don’t have later available in my country and what was this all about Google doing a number on your social media? Google hates me too. so how did it trouble you?
      copy paste tags is easy, just go to the post of insta, press the three dots on the right hand upper corner, go to edit, then copy the tags, then press the cross button above left so you would have your favorite tags on the clipboard. Then paste it on your new post.
      secondly when you edit insta post, don’t press the tick mark on the right then the post would get the edited label, and apparently insta does not like the edited posts. no idea why, I heard it somewhere.
      Hope this helped you.

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