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Book Review - Son and Country by Emmanuelle Snow @snowemmanuelle @digitalreadspr

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This post contains affiliate links for products and services I recommend. If you make a purchase through those links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Son and country doll house


I met Anderson Ford four years ago when we spent a night together stranded in an airport due to a blizzard, the night before Christmas Eve.

We shared more than just our hopes and dreams that night, we shared our souls.

The only thing we didn’t share was our full names.

He was Andy, and I was Abby.

Now I’m older and wiser, and I’ve come a long way since that night.

And I’m finally ready to aim for what I desire the most in life.

The only thing I haven’t taken into account is my heart factor when I bumped into the man who stole my heart all those years ago.

Will we be able to pick up from where we left things that Christmas, or will the secret I’ve been keeping to myself all this time ruin our chances to be together?

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My Review

What was it all about

Before I review this book, I have got to acknowledge that this picture is credited to my niece, who wanted me to showcase her doll house and  the way she has decorated it for Christmas.

All those who happen to scroll through this post, do write a few lines of appreciation for the doll house. My niece would be super thrilled. 

The book was all about second chance romance and fate and Santa’s Christmas playing their hand to bring the two soulmates together. 

Andy and Abby met for a night in the airport and lived a lifetime in those hours. Four years hence, circumstances brought them together, but there was a huge secret separating them. 

Would the warmth of Christmas work its magic?

How it made me feel

Ah, Ms. Snow, this book was so special. It warmed the cockles of my heart right from the get-go. I loved the emotions that it conveyed as Andy got to know the secret. I read the book in less than half hour at 2am, and I was crying the night away. You know, those tears that come even when you are smiling at the love that seeps through the pages. 


Son and country doll house

The Good

The love between the main characters shone through. I too felt they were made for each other. But it was to Andy that my eyes drifted as he opened his heart even when it broke into many pieces. Warmth and happiness, laughter in tears marked the pages.

At 70+ pages, the author Emmanuelle Snow did a brilliant job in packing the scenes seamlessly. I believed in the genuineness of the characters. The writing was sublime in the way it radiated its emotions, making me never want to end the story, even when I knew I had a few pages to go.

The story was a part of the anthology, but this book stood strong in giving me a complete  romance without a cliffhanger.  At US$0.99, the sale was dedicated to the worthy charity, so worth buying it.

The Bad

Here I had to be greedy and say I wanted more of the characters and in-depth story of their lives. Ms. Snow, are you listening? Could we, fans of your writing, have a novelette written for these two characters? And more chapters about the surprise package. 

The Conclusion

Frogs singing, playing their guitars in the rain, was the everlasting image in my eyes as I closed the book. (You have to read it to understand the context)

The story touched me way beyond I could ever express in my words. Whether it was written in 70 pages or in 200, it was bound to be a success, purely because of the purity of the emotions. This author can write write the words that would leave your heart melting.  

A Special Note

I was jumping in joy when I landed the opportunity to organize this tour, just because this book, this special book that made me cry at 2am, imagining the love between the characters, needed to be brought forward to you guys. And of course the doll house decorated just for Christmas.

If you want to read this story, believe me you would want to, the arc is available at Book and Review here

I loved it

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Publication Date: December 2021

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