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Character Interview - Carter's debut in DRM @snowemmanuelle

Digital Reads Media is a blog-haven for book posts and tech tips. This is an interview of Carter, a character from Pink and Country

This post contains affiliate links for products and services I recommend. If you make a purchase through those links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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Join me today in grilling one of the most lovable characters from author Emmanuelle Snow's books. He has the biggest fan following all over the world with his own merch shop and records.

Be warned... I am seriously in a flirt mood in the interview


Isn’t he gorgeous? Swoonworthy? Va-va-voom?

Hey Carter, Welcome to Digital Reads Media. It is wonderful to have a rockstar visiting me. How do you like the new look?
*He better praise me if he knows what is good for him; I know his creator* smiling sweetly at him, batting my eyelashes. Damn, did I wear perfume today?

Hi Shalini, I’m so happy being here today. I rarely give interviews nowadays so you have to be someone pretty special for me to do one days before my winter break. I love your new perfume, it really suits you. *wink* Oh, and by the way, your new website looks awesome. I was glad to see my book featured there. Keep up the good work, I’m one of your biggest fans!

What have you got for me? I heard your merch is being sold in your creator’s shop? *I am stealing all of those goodies*

Yeah, CarterHillsBand.com is now online and all my favorite merch from my Carter Hills Band days are there. Hoodies, shirts, mugs, and some Carter’s fan exclusives. Oh and, April is an author, so we included a bookstore. Signed paperbacks and hardcovers, ebooks, are now available there too. We’re being pretty innovative, and you know how I love to start trends. Remember those leather bracelets days!

You have fans out there in your country music world. But do you know how many fans you have amongst us readers? We are ready to do anything for you, just to have you write and croon a song for us. How do you feel about that? Did you expect it when you were etched on paper and skyrocketed to the skies?

Ohmygod, I never thought I would get emails of fans telling me they were in love with me and wished I could materialize into their lives and sweep them of their feet. People are calling me their perfect book boyfriend, and seriously, the term of endearment goes straight to my heart. Thank you to all y’all who are cheering on me, you make my days.

Tell us something about the moment when you first saw April? Did the earth move for you? Did everything in you shift then fall into place? We got to read some of your emotions, but we would like to know from the horse’s mouth…err…not that you are a horse
*Though boy, I wouldn’t mind riding you* grinning forward like a mad woman, showing the hint of my cleavage. Is he looking?

Love that question. You know everything about my wife turns me into a fool. The first time I actually saw her was through a window… Huh, and let’s just say she made an impression on me. I couldn’t never forget the look of her at that exact moment. But when we actually met for real—I’ll be honest here, I orchestrated the encounter, because I just couldn’t resist—something switched in me. Sure, bantering with her was juvenile, but hey, she noticed me. So my strategy worked. April is like the second half of my soul. She completes me in every aspect of my life.

How did her song come about? Are you a songwriter or was it especially for her? Do you have an album dedicated to her?
*How do I get a song for me?* Boy, sing me a song and see me rock to it, in all positions

Family life is exhausting but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love the little cocoon April and I created. And with the new way I do my shows, I get the chance to spend more time with them. They are my entire world. Music was my first love, but now it’s something I do on the side. For fun. April and my kids are all that matters in this world.

I loved the project you have started with Riley. Now Gavin too has joined you. Tell us something about it.

Yes, the foundation is doing amazing. And Gavin addition was really what we needed to bring it to another level. There are so many talented kids out there who don’t get a chance to showcase their artistic talents. So our mission is to help them reach their full potential. Whether it’s in song writing, singing, painting, sculpture, name it. We want to offer them a chance to shine.

Gavin’s leg of the foundation, thanks to his expertise, has allowed to expend our offer to special need children. They are amazing human beings and are too often forgotten. We want to offer them the same chance to succeed.

April and I are the ones behind the foundation, and Riley is acting more like our mentor. He’s really involve and I’m lucky to call him my friend.

Since you have come alone today, your creator is nowhere around. Tell me a secret or two about her that nobody knows about.
*C’mon, gimme something I can use* looking innocently at him

I’ll tell you the truth, ever though her name is Snow, she’s not the best winter fan out there. She prefers the snow on Christmas display and pictures to the real thing. Well, maybe it’s not the snow she dislikes so much but the cold. It reminds me a bit of April!

Nashville is her favorite place to be. So who knows, you can maybe find her hanging at my favorite spots if you visit the city. Just sayin’

This is the first time you have been interviewed by a blogger/reviewer. How do you feel about that? Did you enjoy this interview?
*He better say yes, I don’t care if his creator objects, he will disappear* widening my eyes at him

Oh yes I did. I knew you were one of my number one fan, so I could never pass the occasion. My fans are really important to me. I’m so happy we did that today. It was a pleasure meeting you again. And I hope we’ll have a chance to do this again some time.

Any last words for your readers. Sing us a line or two. I am sure all your readers and listeners would love to hear that.
*I hope he sings only for me, I don’t wanna share*

I’ll sing you my new hit that’s about to hit the radio next week. It’s too bad you can’t write it or it wouldn’t do it justice. So let’s say it will be my gift for ya today.

To all my fans, thank you so much for your love and support to this day. I’ve been through some heavy periods in my life and you’ve always been there for me, cheering on me, and encouraging me to keep going. For that, I’ll always be thankful. Just for you guys, become you’re awesome, I’ll offer you a 15% on my merch/bookstore. Use INTERVIEW15 at checkout. You can even apply it on ebooks.

I wish all y’all a wonderful Holiday Season, because this year is coming to an end but we all still have time to make it count. I love you guys.

And thank you Shalini for having me, it was a pleasure!

Oh Carter, I am still swooning over you...sighh... Isn't he just the best?

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