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Inappropriate by Vi Keeland

Digital Reads Reviews is a blog-haven for book posts and reviews. This is a review of a steamy romance, Inappropriate.

Publication Date: 2020

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Terminated for inappropriate behavior.

I couldn’t believe the letter in my hands.

Nine years. Years I’d worked my butt off for one of the largest companies in America, and I was fired with a form letter when I returned home from a week in Aruba.

All because of a video taken when I was on vacation with my friends—a private video made on my private time. Or so I thought…

Pissed off, I cracked open a bottle of wine and wrote my own letter to the gazillionaire CEO telling him what I thought of his company and its practices.

I didn’t think he’d actually respond.

Eventually, he realized I’d been wronged and made sure I got my job back.

Only…it wasn’t the only thing Grant Lexington wanted to do for me.

But there was no way I was getting involved with my boss’s boss’s boss. Even if he was ridiculously gorgeous, confident, and charming.

It would be completely wrong, inappropriate even.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

But sometimes it’s twice as fun.

What was it all about

Inappropriate by Vi Keeland was a book I wanted obsessively only due to the guy on the cover. Look at him. He lures with his entire being, doesn’t he? 

Meet Grant Lexington, the CEO. I had to admit here that I have slept hugging this paperback. Who in this world wouldn’t want to be enveloped in Grant’s arms amongst other things? But I had a rival who wanted Grant more than me. 

Ireland Saint James.

A beauty who had worked her ass off for nine years only to be rudely fired. One drunk email to the boss followed by a sane one and an inappropriate display of action by a fellow worker caused Grant to see reason and Ireland to be reinstated back to her job with a pay hike. You go, girl. 

Sparks flew, flirting between them was decided to not be inappropriate, and the need to sink into each other grew like an inferno. Believe me, many a moment, I had imagined it was I who was doing all that naughty stuff to Grant. And what he would do to me was not a topic I could write about on these pages here. 

My first book by author Vi Keeland, a standalone as per my knowledge, the book rocked in many corners. Love developed along with a deep understanding and acceptance of the baggage that one came with. 

The Hook

Trigger Warnings: He is super HOT. That should be more than a compelling hook for you to get the book to read it. And of course, to savor him. 

There was smut and steam, emotions and lust. 

The Characters

I liked Ireland, found her to be unique and passionate. Grant had too many things happening at the same. He had the entire world of the past on his shoulders. I would have liked to know what his ex wrote to him every week/month. That was never disclosed. 

Forgiveness was touched upon, but it didn’t really feel believable. But it was a short story, so I didn’t mind when issues regarding mental health illness were rushed or glossed over.

I cared for the characters only to the point that she was fun and he was completely lusting over me. 

The Intricacies

The plot line was simple yet complex as Grant had some secrets even when he desperately wanted to be with her. I liked the way the banter between them ran through the book.

But the initial plot line between her job loss and resurrection and the past issues in his life had a strange disconnect running through them. The flashbacks came on suddenly in between chapters, and though nice, they divided the book into discordant sections. 

Like every other romance, there would be hurdles that the main leads had to bypass, and this too had the guy trying to find his way to her. 

The Setting

It was basically a romance with a few serious topics thrown in. That gave the book the feel that it had a depth to it. The emotions were good enough to keep the story rolling and make their love believable, but didn’t cry or laugh or gasp at the reveal. 

I went into the book expecting nothing, and I got a few smiles, a couple of laughs, steamy scenes, and anguish of the past. All those things that made up a romance novel. 

The Pace

I kept wondering if the story dragged or if I dragged the book. Maybe it didn’t slow down, but my interest did in the second half of the book. I was curious about his past, but the way it was written could have been better. So, I liked the fun initial banter and read those scenes within minutes, the rest took a day. 

The style of writing - The Prose

The style of writing was great for the fun banter, but when mental health issues were written, I felt it needed a bit more sensitivity and completeness. Also, the chapters could be smoothed further when they transitioned between past and present, fun and serious stuff. 

How it made me feel

Look, let’s be clear. I read the book for the eye candy, but had a different story running in my mind, where I was the heroine while reading the book. And the guy totally did not have his issues. He only had eyes for me and made my life comfortable and hot. 

Ya know, a girl can have dreams, however unbelievable they might seem to be. 

The prose of the book was good, but the reel running in my head with him and me was fantastic. 

I had a nice time with the story and a lusty one with the cover guy in my imagination. 

Do I recommend this book?

Of course, I would recommend this book. Look at him. What was not to like? I could tell you he had a ripped body and a great package below and he knew what to do with it. 

Just used my imagination to boot the FMC out of the book and fill in the gaps with me.  

I obtained the paperback version of the book from an online retail, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

If you’ve loved the review and enjoyed my imagination, buy me a cuppa to perk me up.

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  1. Haha! You liked it (for the hot guy, at least)! I think I gave it 4 stars. If I recall correctly, the first book I read by Ms. Keeland was Stuck Up Suit. That one made me laugh out loud with the heroine’s silly antics. Anyway, nice review, Shalini! Keep ’em coming, girl… 🙂 🙂

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