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My Little Brother by Diane Saxon

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my little brother
I liked it

Publication Date: July 2022

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Two siblings, both missing for 20 years turn up within one day of each other.

One dead. One alive.

It was an ordinary school day, the day I lost my little brother.

One moment he was on the roundabout and then was gone.

Gone. Missing.

They all blamed me.

I was in charge. Even though I was only ten years old.

They sent me away.

The hurt, the shame, the questions. The not knowing.

I tried to move on.

It’s been nineteen years in exile and now somebody wants me back.

Someone with a dark secret.

They hold the keys, they know the truth.

So, I need to return to the Welsh village of my childhood to find out who, because I have a secret, too…

I did something bad.

My Review

What was it all about

My Little Brother was a thriller filled with mystery, well penned by author Diane Saxon.

Twenty years ago, little Caryn had lost her brother on the roundabout and was sent away to live with her grandmother. 

Twenty years later, someone sent her a letter, telling her that they knew what had happened to her brother. 

She had to come back home. 

How it made me feel - The Good

This was a twisty thriller with a missing child trope that got my detective senses all ramped up. 

The suspect list was long, though I didn’t knowhow I missed placing the perp on that list. The suspect passed me by. I was completely sucked into the tale woven by the author. 

Searching for answers two decades later was never easy, and I liked how Caryn had to struggle to get to the truth.

Parents’ rejection on losing her brother was well written. Even twenty years later, the pain could be felt. 

Caryn’s memories coming back as flashbacks helped to understand her life as a kid. The claustrophobic, narrow-minded feel of this Welsh village added to the dark atmosphere. 

Quite an original tale this was in the usual missing child trope. Kudos to the author.

The Bad

Being quite nitpicky, I wanted more of suspense infused into the prose. 

The writing was solid, just not at the edge of the seat kind of adrenaline.

The Conclusion

Diane Saxon’s works are fun to read, and this book proved to be so. Well recommended. 

I downloaded the digital version of the book from an online retail, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

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One Response

  1. Nice review, Shalini. I like the sound of this one, although the missing child trope is always a sad one to read about.

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