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The Night of the Party by Anna-Lou Weatherley

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the night of the party


Two Couples.

Three Secrets.

One Murder.

In a beautiful house surrounded by woodland, the Drayton family and their dearest friends are enjoying dinner together.

The wine is flowing, the meal has been lovingly prepared, and it’s going to be an evening none of them will ever forget…

A doting mother
with a manipulative daughter.

A loving husband
lying to his family.

A close friend
keeping a shocking secret.

A beautiful girl
who will be dead by the end of the night.

My Review

What was it all about

The Night of the Party was the perfect suspenseful whodunit that I had read in recent times. 

Two couples met for a dinner party where the daughter of one, Libby, was later found dead at the end of the night. Murdered brutally.

How it made me feel

This was the perfect read as each line brought a trickle of excitement into me, raising my pulse with each turn of the page. Until a storm convulsed around me as the twists heightened the sense of suspense in the story. 

I read the book slowly as I didn’t want it to end, and at the same time, with the need to know the truth and identity of the murderer, my fingers tapped the kindle faster. 

The balance between the police team and the couples meeting at the night of the party was just right, making the book traverse the genre of psychological thriller easily with the timely clues dropped into the path as crumbs. 

The Good

Author Anna-Lou Weatherley had created the right ambiance to set the book, giving it a suspenseful air where at each point the mother was broken by each new information brought in. 

The tapestry of the subplots was so well written that each thread added to the thrill of discovering the fallacies of human psyche. 

The breakdown of the mother as she got to know the truths about her daughter and people surrounding her was brilliantly written. Each word was soaked in her tears, along with her strength. 

Until the last few pages, I didn’t know who the killer was. This was one book where I felt donning my detective cap was well worth the time spent. 

The Bad

Nothing for me as every word was vivid giving me the feel of a movie. 

The Conclusion

A perfect murder mystery, a whodunit that kept completely immersed into the depths of the story. 


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Book Details

Publication Date: November 2021

I downloaded the digital version of the book from an online retail, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

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