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The Liar's Child by Sheryl Browne

Digital Reads Media is a blog-haven for book posts and tech posts. This is a review of a psychological thriller, The Liar's Child.
the liar's child


The Liar’s Child 

When I pick my beloved daughter Poppy up from school one afternoon, my mind races when I see the little girl holding Poppy’s hand.

With the same heart-shaped face, long brown hair and dark eyes, the two girls look identical.

In fact, they look like sisters.

Is the secret I’ve been holding on to for so long about to be revealed?

That night, I cuddle Poppy even harder, desperately trying to decide what to do.

And then my husband’s phone vibrates.

A message. And then another. And another.

All from a number I don’t recognise.

Is someone going to tell my husband what I did?

Could I be about to lose everything I have worked so hard to protect?

But I’ve spent so long hiding the truth, I never stopped to wonder if I was the only liar in the family…

The only thing I’m sure of is that nobody is going to take my child away from me.

My Review

What was it all about

The Liar’s Child by Sheryl Browne was a thriller set on the backdrop of a sick child. 

Kay and Matt had a child who had chronic renal disease, requiring careful daily management and on the transplant list. 

When Poppy walked out of school hand in hand with her best friend, who was a carbon copy of her, Kay was sure Matt was the father of the other child. 

On the other side, when Matt saw a missed call on Kay’s phone from his brother Jason, all his old doubts raised their ugly heads up. 

That led to a series of misunderstandings followed by the inclusion of strangers into both their lives who complicated the matters more. 

How it made me feel

I knew misunderstandings were the starting point of this thriller, but that didn’t stop my brain wanting to knock their heads like coconuts and making them listen to each other. 

There would have been no story had they spoken to each other and got to know the root of their misunderstandings. That bit was quite frustrating. 

The thrilling aspect was insidious which was slowly built up as the pages scrolled with many twists and turns to give it an edge.  

The Good

The whole concept was formulaic so the writing uplifted it from being a regular story. The amount of research done on renal disease was quite a feat. Kudos to the author. 

I liked the title and tiny hints in the story that kept me pondering over the liar in the book and which child the author was talking about. 

Some unexpected twists that lead to a fiery end. 

The Bad

Slightly slow paced, with obvious misunderstandings, and some guessable twists made this a two-day read for me. 

The Conclusion

The Liar’s Child was an enjoyable suspenseful thriller that was quite entertaining.


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Publication Date: September 2021

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3 Responses

  1. As you know, Shalini, I’m not big on missing, exploited, or sick children. However, I do enjoy your reviews (always entertaining and appreciate your new format) and your graphics–very professional.

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