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Remember The Butterfly by Rebecca L. Marsh

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remember the butterfly


Something unexpected changes the course of Jillian’s life.

After witnessing her sister’s murder, she’s been tormented by survivor’s guilt.

Her desperate longing for a child compounds her grief, while endless fertility treatments weigh down her soul.

Just when hope seems beyond her grasp, her dream of motherhood comes true.

All Jillian’s pain is washed away and joy fills her heart.

But when someone shows up threatening to take it all away, Jillian must chose between holding on to her newfound happiness or giving it all up for the sake of someone she loves.

My Review

What was it all about

Two mothers and one child. And bucketloads of love, sacrifice, laughter, tears.

Remember The Butterfly by author Rebecca L. Marsh was a beautiful tale that exemplified how powerful a mother’s heart was and the capacity it had to sacrifice for her child at the cost of herself. 

How it made me feel

Absolutely emotional. Told in dual points of view, my heart tore in two on hearing what both these mothers went through. 

Empathy. The author described each one’s life in delicate details that I could feel pain at ebbs and flows of their journey. I stood at the edge of the cliff wondering how the book would end. 

Tears. I didn’t expect the waves of it as I didn’t think I had it in me to do what the mother ultimately did.

remember the butterfly insta

The Good

The writing. The words chosen were painstakingly thorough that it encapsulated each mother’s life in a rounded manner without judgment. 

The constant pendulum. I fell in love with both the characters as they carefully unfurled their lives to me. 

The facts of life that surrounded us death of a child, grief, family, a tinge of paranormal, infertility, motherhood, domestic violence, depression, fear, apathy were explored by the author in sensitive manner that I couldn’t help but fall in love. 

With so many facets of life being shown, the author managed to weave the twin feelings of love and hope within the tapestry of family. The effort that it took to keep the emotions balanced was commendable. 

The Bad

The blurb spoke only about Jillian, but the story furthered ahead only because of Keeley. Though I wished she had taken better decisions, I couldn’t fault them barring one. I didn’t know why she took the one crucial decision that she did to bring about the story. 

My heart belonged to Keeley since abuse was not unknown to me. I wished I got to know more about her as a woman. I wanted more pages of her life after she took her decision. I ended up crying for her as I felt she ended up with nothing other than pain. It didn’t feel fair to me. 

I can’t have children, I do feel the same pain. But to see one person feel life was only about kids and nothing else, didn’t touch my heart to that extent. 

Don’t get me wrong, the book had everything done right. These were just my life experiences coloring it. 

The Conclusion

A book that would squeeze all the emotions in your heart, this was one beautiful read.

I loved it

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Book Details

Publication Date: February 2022

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13 Responses

  1. Great review. I read all of your reviews and I think you have a way with words but there are times when you I read a review you have written and I have to add the book to my TBR because your word are just so powerful and that was the case with this book.

    1. OMG that made my day. Misty, I have been going through the most insecure phase in writing reviews. Sometimes i feel I am blocked for words. So your comment certainly helps me to breathe easy. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I had so much to feel in this book, that words didn’t trickle out easily. I am so happy I did a good job of putting my feelings to words. All of Rebecca’s books are great, but this book had the maturity in it. I felt there was a growth in the way she wrote this book.

      1. Thank you so much, Shalini. And I want to agree with Misty that you write lovely reviews. I really appreciate you saying that you saw growth in this book. This one is more personal to me than any of the others. In it are bits of my own story combined with an expression of fears I once dealt with. It revolves around a subject I never thought I would write about. As someone who went through infertility and then became a mother through adoption, I can tell you that what I expressed through Jillian is quite honest (though she dealt with some things I did not). But I wanted Keeley to be a character that would capture the reader’s heart too (as I know she did for you). However, I wanted her to come as a surprise to the reader, which is why she isn’t mentioned in the blurb. In her there is a message that I hope my own child will someday be willing to hear.

        1. I was refused for adoption by the authorities. So now life is all about here and now. And I give all the love I have in me to my family. I liked Keeley more and I cried more for her. I had to go other kinds of abuse, and when I thought my life would be okay, my guy too did the unthinkable. But life moves on, and we find our new normal.

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