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Review Shots

Digital Reads Reviews is a blog-haven for book posts and reviews. This are the reviews of books read over this week.
review shots

Review shots are the mini-reviews for the books that I have read over the last week or so. What book didn’t work for me might just be apt for you.

The Exes by Jane Lythell

Not for me

Publication Date: March 2, 2023

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When Holly is bequeathed a large but derelict house, she wants to share her good fortune. So she gets in touch with former boyfriend Ray, a builder who can project-manage the renovation in exchange for the basement flat. The spacious middle floor would make a glorious studio space—perfect for her friend and first love, Spencer. And before Holly knows it, the upper floor is let to soon-to-be ex-husband James, who’s on a path of reinvention from city highflyer to osteopath. What could possibly go wrong?

But no good deed goes unpunished, and soon the house is riddled with tension, rivalry, and petty spitefulness. And as Holly is beset with migraines, nausea, and spiralling self-doubt, even the house itself seems to be turning against her. But for someone, everything is going to plan . . .

What was it all about

Oh my this was one of the weirdest books ever read.
Holly had inherited a derelict house at Brighton and wanted to share her good fortune with people you would never believe – her exes. Why oh why?? You have broken up with them for a reason. 
One floor for each ex with nominal rent 
Soon pages from her aunt’s journal started popping up, and she started feeling dizzy and sleepy 
Who could be plotting against her? 

How it made me feel

From the blurb I am sure all of you can guess where the story is going and all of you would be right 
When after drinking soy milk which felt a bit off and made you dizzy, what would you do?? Go to the doc and get tested, right? Our MC did nothing. And to think, she had been a teacher before shifting to this house 
The perp was obvious and another perp was introduced for no reason at all.
Everything felt forced in the book. The prose led me to the conclusion that the MC was a dimwit and she would have been better off dead. Somewhere down her life her stupidity would have killer her.
Which other woman in this world would ask three of her exes to stay in the same house and get bullied by them?

Do I recommend this book?


Shopping with the Enemy by Carmen Reid


Publication Date: March 17, 2023

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The opponents: mothers vs. daughters

The battle scene: a boutique changing room

Fashion-guru Annie’s well-dressed world is falling apart – first she has lost her legendary sense of style, and now her daughter Lauren seems to have become her worst enemy. Even her multi-millionairess friend, Svetlana, is having daughter trouble – she’s at war with Elena over their business in New York.

A trip to a luxurious Italian spa seems like the perfect way for Annie to forget her problems. But celery juice and Pilates can’t solve the disasters that are about to strike . . .

Will Annie rescue her passion for fashion?

And can mothers and daughters ever truly be friends?

My Review

What was it all about

Annie has lost her mojo in fashion, so her business partner Svetlana offers to take her to a week long spa which is also boot camp to lose weight.
She runs away from it only to be called back when Svetlana’s twins boys are kidnapped by her ex. So a trip to Vienna.
In NYC, their daughters are fighting to help their fashion label survive with new prints, but the mothers don’t like the idea.
The twin storylines continue right to the end where they find what they seek

How it made me feel

I have no sense of fashion and couldn’t care less about it. So, the book is boring to begin with where the MC keeps complaining. Only when it gets to the road trip to rescue Svetlana’s boys that it becomes slightly humorous.
On the other side of the globe, the lives of the girls in NY are not interesting.
The writing drags at times and tries too hard to be romcom. The different side stories feel to be disjointed. I don’t know why the title is Shopping with the Enemies. Till the end I don’t come to know who the enemies are.
All the characters are like caricatures. Only Annie’s husband Ed is a bright star.  How he can be so patient with her is anybody’s guess
Overall, not a book I liked and not an author I will be reading in near future.

Do I recommend this book?

Only if you have read the first five books of this author and enjoyed it.

My Sister's Secret by Diane Saxon

Not for me

Publication Date: January 2023

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As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through this link at no extra cost to you at the Kindle and Audible store.


Four sisters, four secrets. Who has the deadliest of them all?
Something happened to me when I was nine.

My childhood memories before that fateful day are gone. Extinguished.

The aftermath has become a living nightmare with a guilt that runs so deep that I’m not sure I can ever tell anyone. I fear I’ve left it too late…

The burden of my secret and the hurt and pain that silence cost each and every member of my family is too overwhelming.
But you can’t avoid fate and now I have the opportunity to right the wrongs inflicted on us.

There was no justice. Not then. Not now. But I can change that.

The big question is, how far am I willing to go?

What was it all about

Four sisters and a secret smoldering in their lives. Only one of them got to do something about it. Was it wrong, or had justice been served?

How it made me feel

The book had absolutely no trigger warnings, and I wished the publisher/author thought about us readers enough to ensure that it was mentioned somewhere. This was all about child abuse. And it bloody hell triggered me. I went into this book, thinking it to be a domestic/psychological thriller. And I got this. 

The whole atmosphere of the book was dark, even when the four sisters seemed to have a bond with each other. The warmth of their love couldn’t manage to infuse the words in the book with lightness to counter the things that happened in it. 

Too many characters in the beginning and not a strong structure to the first few chapters made it quite cumbersome to get through them. I almost DNFed the book, only sheer persistence made me continue. 

The book had nothing much going for it except for the abuse and one of them doing something to right the wrong. Overall, not my favorite read by this author. 

Do I recommend this book?

Others have enjoyed the book. You might too. I would have if I had read it on my strong day. Unfortunately, wouldn’t be reading this author anytime soon. 

I borrowed the paperback version of the book from a library, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

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