Book Review – Coming Home to Maple Cottage by Holly Martin

My review There is a saying “Save the best for last” and Holly Martin has done just that. A fabulous book from start to finish. A book which captured me with its words. A book where my heart overfilled with love and hope. A book which I simply adored. I always have liked Holly Martin’s […]

Book Review – A Dad of his Own by Minna Howard

My review A book of warmth and cosiness A tale of hope and innocence A boy who longs for a dad A mother who is helpless & sad A castle which is real and magical A village which is sweet and helpful Enter the three Luke, Julius, and Simon Who amongst them, Anna’s heart won […]

The Holiday Cottage By The Sea by Holly Martin

My review If there was ever a book which made me laugh uproariously, it is this book If there was ever a book which made me want to hug it, it is this book If there was such a book that I wanted to never let go, it is this book If there was such […]

The One I Need by Alivia Grayson

My review People who know me, know this fact about me I ain’t no biker babe. It’s been years since I have read a MC romance, a rough n tough biker and his old woman. But something about the author Alivia Grayson’s post on Facebook, the kind and matter-of-factly way she had announced her book, […]

The Little Wedding Island by Jamie Admans

My review Opposites attract and no truer words have been said than these for our main characters Bonnie and Rohan. Bonnie believes in forever love and marriage (obsessed with weddings, has already paid a deposit on a wedding dress with no groom in sight, she is a bit over-the-top, almost naive about love), and Rohan […]