Book Review – Cerebral Palsy – A Story by Ilana Estelle @TheCPDiary @RedDoorBooks #BookReview #BookBlogger #memoir

I rarely read non fiction as they drench me in reality when all I want in life is to escape reality. But something about the way the author approached me and the topic, I took up this book. The story was the author Ilana Estelle’s life journey. Being born in the 1960s, in those times […]

Stop Smoken by Ron Roesch

My review I have been told by a friend of mine that it is impossible to quit smoking – is it?? I have no idea. I have been asked to do research on it. My medical books hold no such information. Smoking – 1, Me – 0. I went to a psychiatrist friend of mine, […]

7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names by Travis Tyler

My review The blogging community knows not, the real life people know the truth. I can’t remember names!! Oh yes it’s true, and it’s horrifying. Especially when I go to the conference, and I am caught looking at the name tags to recall my colleagues’ names. And these are all the people, I have studied […]

Coach Lorraine V Cuff’s personal campaign

I take great pleasure in being part of Coach Lorraine’s campaign that she has started to kick-start her life goals. The goals of the campaign in the author’s own words…. Define Your Greatness Program I am standing here in front of you today because I strongly believe that that you can be great. Yes you. […]

Defining Your Greatness by Lorraine V. Cuff

My review Greatness — how does one define it? The world defines it by our achievements and comparing it with others. This greatness is insurmountable and often leads to intense pressure to achieve it followed by depression if one does not. I like the way the author Lorraine V Cuff defines it; she says — […]

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