Book Review – The Wife’s Secret by Kerry Wilkinson

My review I loved the book. Wife, Charley, disappeared one hour after the wedding ceremony, and Seth was left alone amidst the police investigation and media frenzy. This was not the first time that such a thing has happened to Charley, 15 years ago, her parents were brutally murdered at their family home, with Charley […]

Don’t You Dare by A. J. Weines

My review The blurb caught my eye, and the beginning of the story hooked me in. Rachel, a bartender, hears her daughter Beth struggling with someone in the cellar, and all her motherly instincts flood her body. She rushes to protect her daughter and accidentally kills the man, Carl. Why accidentally, you ask? Well, they […]

Liars by Frances Vick

My review I honestly do not know what I read here. There is a part of me which likes a good story which says – what in this wide world was this? Who are all these twisted characters? With a title being Liars, does this book really have to have only lies?? Where is the […]

Bring Me Flowers by D. K. Hood

My review I wanted a fast whodunit which was not too serial killery with macabre descriptions. I have been hearing good things about this author D. K. Hood on the social media. So armed with foreboding apprehension about reading a book which does have a serial killer concept, I was pleasantly surprised that it was […]