Book Review – As Long As We Shall Both Live by JoAnn Chaney #BookReview #BookBlogger #AmReading

Happy Publication Day!! There were 2 stories running in this book. The primary story was about Matt who called the cops to report that his wife had accidentally fallen off the cliff. Had she? The rangers and police officers believed him until they found that his first wife had died in mysterious circumstances, (read burned […]

Book Review – Love You Gone by Rona Halsall

My review I loved this book thoroughly!! Absolute mind blowing, different thriller, though some parts may be slightly unbelievable What do you call a book where the events make your pulse race? What do you call a book where the plan unfolding makes you hold your breath? What do you call a book where you […]

Book Review – Malice by Jennifer Jaynes

My review This started out as a medical thriller with an unknown drug Respiron being promoted as a vaccine against the common cold till children started getting seriously sick and dying. This was one of the plots, involving paediatrician Dr. Daniel Winters as his patient too got sick. The book also had a second plot […]