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The Locked Door by Freida McFadden

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the locked door


Some doors are locked for a reason…

While eleven-year-old Nora Davis was up in her bedroom doing homework, she had no idea her father was killing women in the basement.

Until the day the police arrived at their front door.

Decades later, Nora’s father is spending his life behind bars, and Nora is a successful surgeon with a quiet, solitary existence.

Nobody knows her father was a notorious serial killer.

And she intends to keep it that way.

Then Nora discovers one of her young female patients has been murdered.

In the same unique and horrific manner that her father used to kill his victims.

Somebody knows who Nora is.

Somebody wants her to take the fall for this unthinkable crime.

But she’s not a killer like her father.

The police can’t pin anything on her.

As long as they don’t look in her basement.

My Review

What was it all about

The Locked Door by Freida McFadden was a sharp, twisty psychological thriller that ticked off all the right boxes in my list. 

A locked door of the basement in her childhood home and a different child called Nora were the cornerstones of this book. 

The Locked Door was reported when she realized what her serial killer of a father was doing. The different Nora became a talented surgeon, who could wield a scalpel beautifully. 

Until a girl of the same features that her father liked and who was her patient died in the same unique manner. 

Then the second one too died. And cops came a-calling. 

Nora stood firm facing those charges until she found stuff in her basement. Was her father trying to frame her?

How it made me feel

Excited to get to the book. 

Addicted to run through the pages.

Exhilarated to don the detective’s cap to get to the truth faster. 

The symphony of a thriller played right through reaching a crescendo when the final truth was revealed. And I was shocked. 

The Good

The writing primarily as the pages seemed to fly off, leaving me with the anticipation to know what would come next. 

There were times I was sure the protagonist was the main suspect. 

In fact, my suspect list had many others, but like an amateur, I overlooked the obvious and slotted the people in their typecast roles. So, I liked that the author could play me with her words, keeping the secret hidden behind the Locked Door.

The Bad

The ending felt to be a bit rushed for me. And some of the medical reasons of how the killer came to be didn’t seem plausible. But this was creative fiction, so I was happy that the book thrilled me in most of its pages. 

The Conclusion

A fantastic, rip-roaring, dark thriller. Well recommended.

I loved it

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Publication Date: June 2021

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