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The New Girl by Ruth Heald

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the new girl


I thought I could escape my past. I was wrong…

When I moved to a city where no one knew me, clutching only a small bag of possessions, I really believed that I had left my old life—and my darkest secret— behind.

Within weeks, I landed my dream job, a gorgeous flat and the perfect boyfriend in James.

For the first time in years, with him, I started to feel I could finally trust people again. I began to feel safe.

But now strange things have started to happen.

Odd noises in the night, the constant feeling that someone is lingering at my door.

James convinces me that I’m imagining things.

But when I find a beautiful dress hidden behind the wardrobe and wear it to work, the atmosphere chills instantly.

I can’t help but wonder, is there something, or someone they’re hiding from me?

Then she appears at my door. The girl before me.

She tells me that I need to leave; that the new life I thought I’d built for myself is all a twisted trap…

And my whole world tilts… because if what she says is true, what’s going to happen to me?

My Review

What was it all about

A new girl who joined an advertising firm and found herself being subjected to weird happenings. She thought she could escape the past, but unfortunately, her past was her future. 

How it made me feel

The blurb was more exciting than the book. There were pockets of suspense, that made me continue reading.

The story was easily guessable. There were moments when I wanted to tap her on the shoulder to warn her.

After what had happened to her in the past, being swayed by beautiful looking people, made me want to bop her one. 

So I had good fun wanting to knock the babe with my book. If it sounded too good to be true, it probably was. 

the new girl insta

The Good

The writing was good and easy to read at one go. 

The suspense was built up slowly. The pace was steady. 

One unexpected twist, that I should have expected, perhaps. 

The Bad

Sometimes it felt authors nowadays in a psychological thriller tried too hard to inject suspense where the main character found all actions suspicious and after the said author decided who the villain would be, they changed all suspicious actions to benevolence.

Alas, how many stories could one write around the same topic? At one point, every author writing suspense would come to a circle.

That was why I liked Dandy Smith’s book One Small Mistake where there was an attempt to be different.

The Conclusion

Overall, barring one twist, the whole book was formulaic and easily guessable. 

It was okay

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Book Details

Publication Date: January 2022

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