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One Small Mistake by Dandy Smith

Digital Reads Review is a blog-haven for book posts and tech tips. This is a review of a psychological thriller, One Small Mistake.
one small mistake


A One small mistake. One deadly consequence.

Elodie Fray wants to be more like her perfect sister, Ada, the one her parents are actually proud of.

When she decided to quit her job and pursue her dream of becoming an author, she thought it would be her time to shine, but a year on nothing has happened.

And she’s getting desperate.

When Elodie makes one small mistake on a drunken night with a friend, things quickly spiral and suddenly everyone believes she has a book deal.

Unable to find a way back from her little lie, her perfect dream becomes a perfect nightmare – and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meanwhile, everything is not as it seems in Ada Archer’s perfect life.

When her sister suddenly disappears, she questions everything – from her marriage, to the man who’s been charged with Elodie’s abduction.

The papers say it’s him, but the more she digs into her sister’s life the less convinced she is.

Ada will do anything to discover the truth, even if it kills her.

No one knows what happened to Elodie Fray, and now her only chance of survival is her sister.

My Review

What was it all about

Rivalry between sisters, some perceived, some real, caused Elodie, the wannabe writer, to lie about her book deal with a top publisher and Ada to feel her keen absence when she disappeared one night. 

The bond between sisters was strong even when it was frayed, and that love made Ada more determined to find Elodie

How it made me feel

I felt the tiny flutters of excitement as I got to know both the sisters. Learning their story from their POVs caused me to sway like a pendulum. Whom did I like more?

Every chapter showed me the truth of their lives, evoking my deep empathy for them. I too had been there where both were. 

Suspense was injected into the prose insidiously, thrill was not high, to begin with, but the author managed to make me quite curious to get to the end of the book in one sitting. 

one small mistake insta

The Good

The writing was addictive enough to make me sit with my kindle the whole day in between my chores. 

Both the sisters were distinct in their personalities, but their love for the family was constant. 

The Bad

A mother’s pain at the disappearance of her daughter was not written well. When she moaned in grief for daughter, it was described as – bleating – like a sheep which got on my nerves. 

Maybe it was a colloquial dialect, but it had negative aura to it. At least for me, might not give you the same imagery.

The Conclusion

Overall, a different but completely thrilling story of how tiny misunderstandings caused bigger mistakes and wrong decisions while trusting the duplicitous people in our lives. Well worth a read.

I loved it

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Book Details

Publication Date: December 2021

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