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The Teacher - The Most Twisted Thriller Now

Digital Reads Reviews is a blog-haven for book posts and reviews. This is a review of a thriller by Danielle Stewart, The Teacher.
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The Teacher

Daisy sobbed as she pointed at the picture of my darling son. “It was him,” she cried out distraught. “He was the one who attacked me.”

Today all my worst fears came true. I thought I had escaped the dark secrets of my teenage years. But when my son is accused by one of my students of a crime I know only too well, my past comes hurtling into my present.

Surely my beloved son Bryson , my kind and caring boy, who I raised to be nothing like the men of my past, couldn’t be mixed up with – or worse, be – what they are describing. Could he ?

But when Daisy comes to me in the classroom with tears in her eyes, trusting me with her confession, I vow that she won’t suffer the same fate I did. But what can I do? I love my son. I need to believe him no matter what.

As I struggle to know who to believe, the threats begin. Notes on my car, messages saying you will pay for what happened . Just like last time. Only this time I don’t know if I’ll get out of it alive

I liked it

Publication Date: October 23

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My Review of The Teacher

What was it all about

The Teacher by Danielle Stewart was one heck of a fast-paced book that left me completely breathless and addictive to wanting to be in this state. 

I couldn’t believe the number of twists this book had. The last page twist was expected, but the other twists in the entire book really kept me on my toes. 

In this book, the first half laid the foundation of the life of The Teacher Elizabeth with her students, her husband Rick and son Bryson. Then came Daisy’s confession and Elizabeth’s decision. To believe her or not to. 

The second half was an enthralling roller-coaster ride. I couldn’t help but white-knuckle my book. But the twists knocked my legs over, and I fell down with a thud. 

Pulse racing, this was one of my best thrillers read this year. Expect the unexpected. You’ve got to read it. 

The Hook

Trigger Warnings: Child Abuse but nothing descriptive. The author kept it quite at the edge making it into a twist rather than a gruesome scene. 

Having known to have a thriller-y heart, this book made it race like a rocket. The launch speed was that high, and I loved that the author kept the momentum going in the Teacher. 

Having read a few drippy thrillers this year, barring K.L. Slater’s Husband and Wife, this was the best. 

The Characters

Who was good and who was bad, and would you ever come to know even at the end of the book? The answer would be – yes, no, kinda.

That’s what raised the bar of the book high, as the author had a firm grip over her characters in such a way that even when the situation seemed implausible, it was still easy to believe the words. 

The sleigh of the hand was performed in every chapter, that I thought I knew the truth but I actually didn’t. Except for the last page twist – that I totally guessed it. 

I felt everyone was etched very believably with a slight edge to them. My mind kept asking if I should believe them. I liked how the author played me so well against the characters, with Elizabeth’s fervor being well tempered by others.

The Intricacies of The Teacher

This was quite an unexpected plot line where every subplot changed my narrative of the story and my viewpoint about the characters. The teacher was very cleverly written, weaved tightly with the twists at the pivot, and the subplots gaining in intensity with every page turn. 

That made the whole book gripping, even the flashbacks from the main character’s past gave it the darkness that the Teacher needed. Some of the subplots were slightly unbelievable, but my thriller-y heart certainly didn’t mind them. They added to the zing of the story. 

The Setting

Havta admit, the author certainly maintained the atmosphere of a thriller. The darker emotions were embedded into the air at varying intensity. I never got overwhelmed, but there were tones of something more at play written into the story, that gave me compelling evidence in wanting to stick with the Teacher

The Pace

There was so much happening in the Teacher that there was just no time for the pace to slack at any point. 

The style of writing - The Prose

I enjoyed this style as it kept me interested in the book when so many of the books in recent times couldn’t. So, far fetched or not, this author had quite a few tricks up her sleeve in this book, made the book compelling. 

How it made me feel

Life had been so unpredictable this year, so this book’s predictability was so much welcome. One could say this book had too many twists, I would say – so what? It was a thriller, and it needed to thrill and it did. 

What more could I want from a book?

teacher insta

Do I recommend The Teacher?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Read the book already. 

Check out the other books available on Amazon. 

I downloaded the digital version of the book from an online retail, and this is my journey down its pages, straight from the heart. STRICTLY HONEST and UNBIASED.

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