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Whiskey and Country by Emmanuelle Snow

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Whiskey and country

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I pushed the button.

I ended a friendship.

Now I’m haunted by the images from that night.

And I have no idea how to heal the part of my heart that is fractured.

My friend was wise beyond his age, he knew me more than I knew myself.

The career, the money, the promotion, they all seem futile now.

I’m stuck with no idea how to turn my life around.

Until I receive a package that opens my eyes to new possibilities.

And dreams I never thought I should reach for.

The journey has one endgame: find happiness again and my place in this world.

After driving for weeks, I end up in Green Mountain, a small town in Tennessee, a far cry from my hometown of Chicago.

And then I meet her.

Dahlia Ellis. My soulmate. My other half. My true purpose.

Even in my wildest dreams, I would never have thought that she was where I was supposed to be.

Will the bond we share from the first time our eyes locked enough to seal our destiny, or will the ghosts from our past get in the way?

My Review

What was it all about

Oh my, this was a saga of a love story, of Nick’s journey to reach where he was supposed to be – with Dahlia in his arms and bonding with little Jack.

I read Princess and Country and fell in love with Dahlia as she went through all the devastating hurdles that life put across to reach Nick. And desperately wanted to know the man who was her soulmate. 


How it made me feel

Can a woman have more than one soulmate? Dahlia’s question in this book resonated deep within me.

I didn’t know if I would ever meet mine, but I sure got to know Nick as he slowly made his way toward Dahlia, driving cross-country and going through his own trials of fire.

Nick’s story touched a core of truth in my heart as author Emmanuelle Snow made him go through his paces to reach Dahlia. Just like our lives, Nick’s too had many ups and downs to make him the man he was as seen in all the previous books. 

I often wondered where he got the fortitude to accept the inexplainable friendship between Dahlia and Carter. But after reading the book, I realized life showed him that a human heart was so vast that it had all the love and more for every single person in its life.

Each moment that Nick went through, I felt that he was taking a part of me along with him. There was beauty in the pain that could only come from Ms. Snow’s writing.

The words were sublime to read as each pulsed with its own emotions. Many a time, I had to put down the book to wipe my tears or sit and have a good cry.

And kudos to the author for making her characters so real, so believable. 

This story was about more than love, it bespoke of the deep connections that we had with the people around us. It breathed life and what living was all about. 

whiskey and country insta

The Good

Ms. Snow had packed this book with bucketloads of emotions, even a box of tissues was not enough for me. But in all this, two things stood out. Love and Hope with a few nudges from the little Angel on the cloud.

A love story with steam and fun? You betcha. She got me all heated up with the attraction between the two. The trademark of a Snow book.

But it was so much more, with galore of emotions, honesty, grief, losing a loved one, hope and love. And a vision for a brighter tomorrow. The complete shades of life was encapsulated within the pages.

The writing was stellar. Ms. Snow really went all out as this book showed me why Dahlia was so crazy about Nick and how they were two parts of a whole. Even their silence spoke about the connection of their souls. Many nuances were hidden within the pages that could be felt in my heart, more than I could ever say.

The Bad

Two boxes of tissues were not enough. Even after reading the book multiple times, I cried every single time. And to note, I don’t beauty cry. I ugly cry with swollen eyes and red nose. My mirror didn’t like me much during those times. 

The Conclusion

Read the book with your heart as only Ms. Snow can break it then glue it back together. Emotions are her forte. And she gets me every single time. I am a mess once I finish her book. This one really made me cry. A lot. 

This book was also my Everest as an editor. I went through my own gamut of feelings, where I wanted each word to reflect the talent of storytelling that Author Emmanuelle Snow had in her. I think, in this, I made her rewrite nearly the entire book, and some chapters and scenes at the final hour. 

I have worked with many authors, but Ms. Snow is a diamond amongst them. I threw so many challenges at her, and she came through all of them, flying high. She really listened and gave me the space to tell her my points of view. 

There must have been times when she would have wanted to throw the book at me. But never did she indicate that. I wouldn’t survive, had she really thrown her book. You see, she writes long stories, nearly 500-600 pages. Her paperbacks are literary weapons. Pun intended. 

To complete this review, what I love the most about Emmanuelle Snow is her trust in me, knowing I come from a place of love where I desire nothing more than to see her name amongst the stars in literary success.

More words in my heart, but she knows them all, even before I have uttered them. All I can say now – Thank you, Emms. And you can cry as much as you want. I am crying while writing this. 

I loved it

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Publication Date: April 2022

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