Typos – Yay or Nay

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine, you might know him or heard of him. James J Cudney the fourth prince of the secret land of This is my Truth Now. This was the gist of it. What do typos do to you – make you angry, irritated or put off reading, […]

Wicked Thoughts (title as coined by Amitav)

I wrote this poem suddenly as a comment on Amitav Chowdhury‘s blog and he was so kind to make it as a post, give it a title and publish it on his blog. Thank you so much Amitav for this honor. This friendship has been destined or it so feels… He writes poems, he is […]


To the nameless, faceless people who come to my blog to attack me on my reviews — DON’T I don’t go to anybody’s blog and write nasty comments on their views or book reviews, so don’t come to mine to abuse me. Don’t come to my blog and attack me or my profession. You will […]

Ode to my DEVILESS, no doubt

Life is difficult, no doubt Problems are surmountable, no doubt The mind just breaks, no doubt The heart just shatters, no doubt. But then, sometimes There arises a gentle soul, no doubt There is humor in selfless depths, no doubt Making living fun and joy, no doubt Bringing laughter and teasing, no doubt It so […]


I read a book, a book which was fiction but based on something which is a reality, sometimes evident, but most times hidden. Sometimes, we see it yet we pretend not to see it, and sometimes, the few bold humans take action against it, sometimes for themselves and sometimes for others.  This truth of life […]

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